5 Ways to Utilise Full Body Slings

5 Ways to Utilise Full Body Slings

The healthcare industry is a fast-paced industry, focused on providing people with a better quality of living.

Full body slings are a great way to be able to achieve tasks quickly, whilst at the same time maintaining high standards of patient care.

If you already have a full body sling at your facility or are looking to invest, from our position at the heart of the healthcare industry, here are our 5 top ways to utilise full body slings.

Operating Theatres

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  • Lifting extremities to allow washing or sterilisation, or as part of the operation itself
  • Repositioning patients on the operating table
  • Lifting patients with limited movement
  • Turning patients positioned on their stomach
  • Turning patients onto their side on the operating table
  • Positioning thorax pillows
  • Moving patients between bed/stretcher trolley and the operating table
  • Positioning legs in leg slings

Patient Transfers

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  • Moves to and from a bed, stretcher and/or chair
  • Moves to/from the toilet
  • Repositioning patients closer to the headboard of a bed
  • Turning patients
  • Lifting extremities

Bariatric Care

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  • Moves back and forth between bed and chair, chair and toilet, etc.
  • Moves between different lying positions
  • Repositioning in bed: from one side to the other, sitting up in bed
  • Repositioning in a wheelchair, armchair, or similar
  • Handling bariatric patients for procedures that require access to different body parts
  • Personal hygiene
  • Assistance with skin care/wound treatment

Aged Care

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  • Moves back and forth between bed/chair/wheelchair
  • Moves into and up from an easy chair
  • Repositioning in chairs
  • Moves to/from the toilet
  • Weighing residents
  • Balance training
  • ADL assistance
  • Skin care and wound treatment
  • Assistance with mobilisation


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  • Gait training
  • Moves in and around the bed
  • Assisted active exercises
  • Exercises with some weight support
  • Training on a treadmill
  • Aquatic therapy
  • ADL training assistance
  • Balance and posture exercises

If you would like to find out more about full body slings here at HLS Healthcare, we’re always ready to answer your questions.

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