HLS Healthcare deliver the best products, and the best services, to offer the best possible quality of life to all our customers and clients.

With HLS Healthcare, you come first. That’s why we’ve carefully pursued partnerships with the most popular manufacturers in our specialist field. Within our product pages, you’ll find the most market-leading, disability equipment and patient handling equipment products available. That’s why we’re so proud to supply each one of our incredible equipment and furniture solutions.

Our product portfolio includes:

  • Guldmann Ceiling Hoist Systems
  • Ropox Ergonomic workstations and height –adjustable tables
  • Ropox Flexible height-adjustable kitchen frames
  • Vendlet Patient Positioning Systems
  • Elsi Smart Floor – Fall Prevention System
  • Specialist Bariatric Equipment
  • Stepless Lifting Platforms, ramps and small accessibility lifts

From our position here in Melbourne, HLS Healthcare offers impeccable service to all territories and states. You can explore our distributors at your leisure, or contact us to find out more.

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