3 Kitchen Additions to Create an Accessible Kitchen

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Cooking and the ability to eat is a fundamental need, most kitchens aren’t properly designed for wheelchairs or people that are handicapped which sacrifices independence and safety. Over the past 25 years, we have acquired comprehensive knowledge and experience in the development of flexible, height-adjustable kitchen systems. In this article, we’ll be explaining what is most important in selecting and installing the right kitchen additions so that handicapped people can cook, clean, and go about their daily lives easier and more efficiently.

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Accessible Kitchen Addition #1  – 4 Single

4Single table systems by Ropox are height-adjustable to ensure comfort and wellbeing in independent living scenarios, group homes, schools, workplaces, and nursing homes just to name a few. The multifunction table has the ability to raise and lower depending on the individual needs of the person, ideal for someone in a wheelchair, as well as lockable brake wheels so the table can be easily be moved around in the room. The product comes in two different heights depending on the individual needs or desired functionality; height 55-85cm / height 65-95cm. The other alternative is the frame, with the choice of manual or electric height adjustment, height adjustment is done by the help of a handle or an infrared hand control meeting your goal of designing a kitchen that is functional, safe, and intuitive for its user.


Accessible Kitchen Addition 2# KitFrame Diagonal (Overhead Cupboards)

To help people with the reduced physical ability to be more independent and to improve, everyday life and self-esteem, our recommendation would be to consider KitFrame Cupboards. These unique storage solutions allow for total control over the movement of the cupboard, allowing for greater reach and independence for those who need it. The products are ergonomically, strong and provide extra support, as well as innovative; these overhead cupboards can be electronically maneuvered not only forward and downward but diagonally.


Accessible Kitchen Addition #3 KitFrame Flexi (Benchtops)

With KitFrame Flexi more people can cook together or share facilities and be part of the social activities that are so important in our daily lives. It’s a huge advantage to be able to adjust the benchtop height – especially for those in wheelchairs. The Kit Frame Flexi benchtop is height-adjustable by means of a manual handle or control switch, allowing self-sufficiency and optimal working conditions in the kitchen. A height-adjustable worktop is not only a valuable help in everyday life – but it can also be clean and stylish with concealment panels to hide the legs and plumbing. Ideal for private homes, schools, training kitchens, sheltered housing, nursing homes, etc.

The goal in designing the best accessible kitchen is to make daily kitchen activities as resistance-free as possible. Relying on equipment that is designed specifically for this purpose can go a long way in ensuring that the desired end-user can achieve basic day to day tasks. To learn more about the Ropox family of products, contact us today on 1300 931 893.