Accident & Emergency Medical Equipment

accident and emergency medical equipment

In hospital A&E departments, staff members often have to deal with a wide range of complex situations. Sometimes, this can mean that a day can go from being calm and relaxed to being chaotic and overwhelming in a matter of minutes. 

When people’s lives and safety are on the line, it’s essential for staff working environments to be as streamlined and efficient as possible. Fortunately, HLS Healthcare can help with this. With a wide range of advanced medical equipment, lifting and handling tools, and state-of-the-art technology options to choose from, we can help you to create the ultimate A&E environment. 

Our solutions are designed to suit even the most challenging of situations, all the way from patient administration, to discharge. We can also assist with making sure that care providers have the equipment that they need to safely transfer patients to and from beds, stretchers, and chairs around a hospital facility. 

Maintaining Safety and Comfort in A&E 

We have safety, comfort, and hygiene equipment to help you deal with a range of demands in the A&E environment, including:

  • Turning and positioning patients
  • Moving and handling patients
  • Moves from or to a bed, stretcher or chair
  • Lifting extremities for hygiene purposes
  • Supporting movement and rehabilitation

Free-standing or ceiling hoists combined with the appropriate slings from HLS Healthcare ensure that your patients can be repositioned safely and comfortably while minimising strain on staff. If you want to learn more about how we can upgrade your A&E environment, contact HLS today.