Top 5 tips for Selecting Aged Care Equipment Suppliers

Top 5 tips for Selecting Aged Care Equipment Suppliers

These top 5 tips for selecting aged care equipment suppliers should help you as you evaluate suppliers for a wide variety of equipment. Because we’ve implemented the changes that have been suggested to us by our customers over the years, we’ve seen first hand how important these areas of focus are.

The nursing home is not just the residents’ home, it is also the staff’s workplace. When residents depend on assistance in performing everyday routines, it is essential that the appropriate equipment is (discreetly) at hand. In this way, individual residents do not find the presence of such aids disconcerting, and they can feel comfortable in their home – while the care staff can maintain and support a safe and ergonomically correct working environment.


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Guldmann Hoist System being utilised in an aged care facility.

If you are responsible for sourcing equipment from aged care suppliers, you understand the challenges involved. At HLS Healthcare, we have been listening to our customers tell us what is important to them since we started doing business, and now, we believe we have a good understanding of what makes for a great aged care equipment supplier.

By holding your suppliers to a higher standard every day, you’re doing your part to ensure that your aged care facility is operating smoothly and efficiently thanks to modern technology that delivers on its promises.

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Tip #1: Determine whether or not the supplier you’re dealing with is a distributor or a manufacturer, and deal with them accordingly.

Equipment distributors – a great example is HLS Healthcare – take the time to become product experts for every line they carry. They then support their customers through education, order fulfillment, and ongoing customer service. The value of a high-quality aged care equipment distributor cannot be overstated.

Equipment manufacturers – a great example would be Guldmann, the manufacturer of the slings and lifts we carry – typically sell their products through distributors. Occasionally, you may find yourself dealing directly with manufacturers, but this is rarely the case with capital equipment.

Tip #2: Try to establish a reliable, consistent point of contact, and hold them accountable.

For some suppliers, a single point of contact may be too much to ask for based on the sheer size of the organisation. For others, having a single person to interact with when you need something is easily arranged.

Tip #3: Ask for referrals and references.

Any supplier who has garnered any credibility in the aged care industry should be able to provide you with referrals and references from other companies where their products are currently being used. If this can’t be provided, the company could just be new, in which case you should exercise caution.

Tip #4: Be sure you understand all bulk pricing and quantity discounts, if applicable.

This is especially true for large organisations. If there is money to be saved on the purchase of your aged care equipment, you want to know about it.

Tip #5: Start with a trial order, then proceed afterward if you’re comfortable.

There’s no reason why you should start buying all of your equipment from a new supplier without seeing for yourself the quality of their products. When you’re dealing with a new supplier, test the waters first with a trial order until you’re comfortable enough to start placing ongoing orders at volume.

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The aged care equipment professionals at HLS Healthcare want you to have a smooth-running and efficient aged care facility with as little downtime as possible. By using these five tips, you’re helping to meet that goal. Contact us on 1300 931 893 with any questions – we are your go-to resource for aged care equipment.