An accessible bathroom solution that adapts to the user – not the other way round

Universal Design by definition is “the design of buildings, products or environments to make them accessible to all people, regardless of age, disability or other factors”. Flexibility and universal design principles are essential in our bathrooms, and the introduction of the versatile ProfiloSmart system breaks through the design barrier like few systems have done before.

Without flexibility, how do we make a bathroom truly “accessible to all people”? Are we all the same height? Do we all have the same capabilities? Do we all have the same needs? The answer of course is – no, we are all different. We are different heights, have different capabilities and we all have varying needs.

Therefore, for a design to be truly universal a degree of flexibility is required. Flexibility to change and adapt with the changing needs of the individual.

ProfiloSmart HLS Healthcare bathoom scene 900px 800x392 An accessible bathroom solution that adapts to the user – not the other way round

ProfiloSmart is the only truly adaptive bathroom solution with an ethos that says the environment must be able to adapt to the person and not the other way around.

The ProfiloSmart system is based on an aluminium track with a highly customisable cover upon which it is possible to attach, adjust, fold, move or remove a range of accessories, such as toilet arm supports, shower seat, towel rail, tooth brush holder, wash basin, soap holder – and much more.

The ability to vertically and laterally adjust a shower seat, toilet arm support, wash basin or even towel rail provides adaptability for changing needs. Whether it be for days, weeks or years. It remains a room with evolving flexible options as accessories are able to be adapted to suit the needs of the occupier.

The cover of the track has a range of finishes in solid colours and various metal finishes, or it can be customised to a particular pattern or design. Customisation involves a sublimation process, matching the ProfiloSmart  rail design to tile or vinyl patterns delivering a unique visual finish. The pattern possibilities are endless – marble, tile, geometric, woodgrain, seascape, pictorial, the choice is completely individual.

For facilities with changing clientele, and clientele with changing needs such as Retirement Living, Aged Care and Hospitality Accommodation Services, ProfiloSmart delivers a truly flexible, customisable bathroom solution. Not only is ProfiloSmart visually stylish, it is a design solution that certainly earns the “Universal Design” title.

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Post written by Katrina Marshall –