Bathroom Supports – Rails, Arms & Grips for Healthcare Facilities

Bathroom Supports - Rails, Arms & Grips for Healthcare Facilities

Disabled Bathroom Products

Bathroom Supports and Disabled Bathroom Products – Rails, Arms & Grips for Healthcare Facilities aid those who need extra support or accessibility in the bathroom, there are options to consider that can reduce falls, improve patient comfort, and reduce the burden on carers. One option, is by fitting your bathroom with Ropox Bathroom Support Rails. This will allow ongoing accessibility for those in search of comfort, safety, and personal support. 

At HLS Healthcare our vision is to deliver the best products, and the best services, to offer the best possible quality of life to all our customers and clients. We aim to develop and manufactured products assisting people with disabilities to obtain an independent life. Our bathroom support systems are designed to improve the independence and comfort of  individuals in need of extra help when completing daily activities.These support systems are made using the highest-quality materials and sourced from some of the most commended businesses in the Australian market.

ROPOX Toilet Lifter

Understandably, most people would like to take care of their personal hygiene without assistance from others.The toilet lifter allows for this independence, gifting particularly elderly patients with the ability to sit down and stand up from the toilet without the interference of a carer.  The toilet lifter is fully adjustable to suit either one user or serval, allowing for the user to set their optimal sitting or standing position. The technology also accounts for the user who may still require assistance and  is able to accommodate also for the height of the helper. The system has not taken any short cuts and is truly focused on providing the end user with a superior product. This is evident in the products smooth, rounded finishes, taking into account the users skin, offering a gentle alternative prioritising comfort as well as preventing injuries like scratches or blisters. The materials also used are state of the art delivering a product that is strong and safe,as well as hygienic and easy to keep clean.  


1 1 Bathroom Supports   Rails, Arms & Grips for Healthcare Facilities
2 Bathroom Supports   Rails, Arms & Grips for Healthcare Facilities

ROPOX Toilet Support Arms
3 Bathroom Supports   Rails, Arms & Grips for Healthcare Facilities

Fall prevention and patient safety is front of mind for most healthcare facilities, toilet support arms are a great aid to provide safety whilst the user is able to maintain a level of privacy. The ROPOX toilet support arms allow users to go from a standing upright position to a sitting position allowing them to be able to get off and on the toilet with optimal support. The technology is fully customisable to be able to suit individual user’s needs as well as folded away into a vertical position for a communal environment or to free up space. Unlike other toilet support arms our system includes two heights and an anti-slip surface, this provides the end user with a firm grip from both standing and seated position. To provide even greater support again, the system allows for additional attachments which can improve the support arms functionality even more.

vm Bathroom Supports   Rails, Arms & Grips for Healthcare Facilities

ROPOX Grab Rails and Shower Support Rails

Grab rails and shower rails are an essential product for all disabled bathrooms and in areas that a user may require additional support. To ensure health and safety regulations are maintained it is important to ensure that the support rails your facility invests in are robust and stable.Our grab rails are customisable to a number of different lengths and shapes enabling you to design a bathroom with the right aids specific to either an individual user or facility. We are also here to help to ensure your choice ticks all the necessary boxes and you find a solution that you can be happy with for years to come.

5 Bathroom Supports   Rails, Arms & Grips for Healthcare Facilities
6 1 Bathroom Supports   Rails, Arms & Grips for Healthcare Facilities

Ropox Data Sheets – Click to find out more about bathroom options for the disabled

In addition to the products listed above, there are also some exciting, high-tech solutions available for installation in the bathroom such as the ROPOX bathtub, shower/ changing bed and shower seat. To inquire about how HLS Healthcare can assist you in your design of accessible bathrooms, contact us today on 1300 931 893.

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