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Increase the safety levels in aged care environments with a bed alarm designed for easy use. Find out more about the Elsi Smart Floor Monitoring System today.

Here at HLS Healthcare, we’ll guide you through the features and benefits of solutions like the Elsi Smart floor, helping you to discover how next-level innovations can make your care environment safer, and more manageable.

Ideal for seniors aging in place, and those in need of constant care, bed alarm systems from HLS Healthcare provide patients with the next-generation care they deserve. Our bed alarms for dementia patients, rehabilitation clients, and those in need of constant supervision, ensure that care providers and healthcare organisations can always keep track of the people that need them.

Designed by some of the leading technology providers on the market, these innovative tools reduce the risk of dangerous falls and injuries to people who are required to remain in bed when they don’t have the assistance of a care provider available. Within seconds, your bed alarm can tell your experts where they need to be to protect the well being of your patients.

Bed Alarms and Sensors for Better Care

Constructed with state-of-the-art intelligence, our Elsi Smart floor system is reliable, safe, and easy to use. Through innovative touchpads, the smart floor can sense the movement and position of human bodies relative to where they are on the floor at any given time. This ensures that seniors can’t go wandering around dangerous environments without supervision.

If you’re looking for bed alarms for dementia patients, or you simply need a way to keep track of patients when you don’t have the personnel to spare 24/7, our innovative tools can help.

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