Big Problems?  We Have The Answers!

HLS Healthcare Vendlet Patient Repositioning System

In April 2019, HLS received a desperate call for help concerning a bariatric Resident living in a Japara Aged Care Facility in regional Victoria.

Tiffany Simpson, National Health & Safety Manager of Japara reached out to us as there were several manual handling challenges for the nurses and care-staff to overcome.  This particular resident weighed over 250kg and as a result was draining staff resources at peak times of care due to being a 6-person transfer!

“What could HLS do to help?”  The answer was a simple one for us.  The Vendlet Bed Turning System allows one-on-one care for bariatric patients up to 400kg.  The Vendlet takes away the need for 6 staff required to push and pull. Instead, the simple press of a controller repositions the resident!

Within a few days of the call, HLS had setup a trial unit of the Vendlet Bed Turning System and had provided training to all key staff within the facility.  Before we had the time to drive back to our Head Office in Melbourne, we had already received a call from Tiffany informing us the facility were in “tears of joy” at how much the Vendlet had already proven its worth!!

From that day on, the facility has been able to free up much needed resources for the care of not only this resident, but other residents in the facility.  What a success!

Furthermore, HLS have now partnered with Japara Aged Care to supply numerous Vendlet Bed Turning Systems across Australia to an overwhelmingly positive response.

But don’t take our word for it…

At Japara we began  implementing specialist bariatric equipment in our homes from HLS Healthcare and in doing so we are now able to care for our residents with a greater level of respect and dignity than ever before and in addition we have also improved the safety of our staff and residents by eliminating the manual handling risk that came with so many of the tasks associated with caring for residents with extreme care needs . 

The team at HLS have been instrumental in ensuring that we get the right equipment and the right fit for us.  The service levels, quality, training, support and advice has been wonderful and appreciated by us all.  The staff could not wait to trial and try the equipment, it has made such a difference.  Thank you Team HLS Healthcare!”

Tiffany Simpson, National Work Health & Safety Manager, Japara Aged Care

For more information, or to enquire about an in-situ trial please see our website or call HLS Healthcare on 1300 931 893.