Can I please have an extra 10cm with that burger thanks?

4Single Table system

On the way home from our recent holiday across regional NSW, my wife and I decided to stop off in the little town of Lithgow for lunch before heading homeward bound.

We found a lovely little café in the heart of Lithgow. When we entered the café there was a lovely husband and wife couple (Tony and Ella) at the front of the line ordering their meals; Ella was in a wheelchair and we shared a few laughs together, and spoke about how lovely the day was and how we were returning from a brief holiday break along our journey home.

As our new friends were being seated in the dining area, I noted this lovely lady was not able to be properly positioned under the table because of the fixed table dining table was too low; her knees were hitting the table, and so she had to be moved away from where she should ideally been able to enjoy a comfortable position. Hardly suitable for someone to enjoy their Sunday lunch! A group of Patrons tried to raise the table height for her comfort, but all to no avail.

This situation was another glaring and striking example of the many challenges disabled people in our community face on a daily basis. What really struck a chord was how graciously Ella accepted the environment.

As a Healthcare Product Specialist, this was a sharp reminder of the privileged and honoured position that we hold in working together with Clinical Prescribers to improve the quality of life for those who need an extra helping hand through assistive technology.

At HLS Healthcare, we offer the Ropox height adjustable 4 Single Table Frame as a genuine solution for persons who are mobilised through wheelchair or power chair technology. We all agreed that an extra 10cm from a Ropox height adjustable 4 Single Table would have made Ella’s burger that bit more delicious!

Ropox blog by Paul Reeves.


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