How to Constantly Monitor Seniors without Compromising on Privacy

People with mobility issues, seniors with poor eyesight and those with mental health conditions like Alzheimer’s and Dementia need a high level of constant care and support. For these people, getting out of bed at night, or moving around a room during the day, can be a complicated process with a high risk of falls

Do Our Aged Care Residents Require CCTV Monitoring?

The health minister of South Australia recently announced that the state government is exploring opportunities to work with technology providers on a strategy for monitoring patients in aged care facilities. If the government successfully finds a technology company to work with, they’ll be able to start monitoring individuals in senior care facilities through CCTV surveillance. According

Why Longer Lives Are a Reason to Innovate, Not Celebrate

It’s time for a significant change in our thinking when it comes to things like health, care and housing. People are living longer, and older individuals are increasing in quantity around the world. This means that we need to think carefully about how we can reduce the health inequality that exists around the world and

HLS Healthcare Proudly Introduces MANULET Bed Mobility Aids

MANULET Bed Mobility Aids

How to manage the health of a bed ridden patient is a challenge to many healthcare and nursing professionals. Rotation of patients is known as a daily challenge of the healthcare industry, being both time consuming as well as risk physical injury to both the patient and care provider. Vendlet and HLS healthcare believe that

Practical Solutions to Everyday Problems in Hospital Environments

Practical Solutions to Everyday Problems in Hospital Environments

HLS healthcare doesn’t just provide you with equipment supplies, it provides solutions to make your job easier.  The Guldmann Sling and Hoist ranges are specifically designed to provide healthcare professionals with a complete solution. These products are designed to match the current needs of health providers today as well as aligned with the functionality requirements

Custom-made Tables for Seniors and People with Mobility Disabilities

Tables for Disabled Just as every individual has unique needs, tastes and preferences when it comes to their table choice. Ropox Tables offers tailored solutions to suit just about any disability or use. From work tables that can be manoeuvred to fit a wheelchair snuggly, to tables that move from a horizontal position to a

Turn Aid Bed- The Ultimate Guide to the Vendlet V5+

Patient Positioning Aids - The Ultimate Guide to the Vendlet V5+

For many patients or elderly people who are bedridden patient positioning aids are a necessity for their day to day life. For these individuals that require assistance with turning or repositioning while laying down, an integrated on-bed positioning system like the Vendlet V5+ is an excellent option. This unique positioning solution allows for carers to

Falls Prevention Strategies in Aged Care

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Fall prevention equipment is one of the most important avenues an aged care home can invest in when it comes to providing safety and support to someone at risk of falling. The Elsi Smart Floor Monitoring System is a system available from HLS Healthcare that is proven to help reduce and detect falls in care

Everything you Need to Know About Aged Care Products

Everything you Need to Know About Aged Care Equipment Suppliers

Outfitting your aged care facility with the right aid equipment takes diligence and an understanding of modern technological concepts. You want to be sure you’re getting the equipment you need at a fair price, all the while not disrupting day-to-day operations too much during the installation process. Because there are so many new products on

Technology Aids and Equipment – HLS Healthcare

Technology Aids and Equipment - HLS Healthcare

If you work in healthcare or managed care for aged or disabled persons, it’s important to have access to technology and aids that can make your job easier. Among all of the various ways that advancements in technology can help aged care centers, hospitals, and other care providers, HLS Healthcare offers a broad selection of