Innovation In The Rehabilitation Space – the new Trainer Module

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Guldmann have long been renowned for the highest quality ceiling lifting hoists, with the product portfolio have a significant presence all around the world. The GH3+ continues to be the gold standard in fixed ceiling hoists – with standard features such as constant inline charging, simple to use interface and a 20,000 lift lifecycle. There

Aged Care – “We don’t want to look like a hospital”

Guldmann Aged Care Ceiling Hoist solutions

One of the most common things I hear from the management staff of Aged Care organisations when considering ceiling hoists, is they want the building to look and feel more like a home rather than a hospital. Unfortunately, more often than not, the need for ceiling hoists is an after-thought, only coming into consideration after

Injuries to Nurses and Carers by Patient Lifting Incorrectly – HLS

Potential Injuries to Nurses and Carers by Lifting Patients Incorrectly

Take a moment to think about this common scenario: Your father is struggling to get out of bed and into his wheelchair without some assistance. As a caregiver, the task of actually helping your father is much harder than it seems, as he weighs a lot more than you do. Unfortunately, this is a situation