Can I please have an extra 10cm with that burger thanks?

4Single Table system

On the way home from our recent holiday across regional NSW, my wife and I decided to stop off in the little town of Lithgow for lunch before heading homeward bound. We found a lovely little café in the heart of Lithgow. When we entered the café there was a lovely husband and wife couple

An accessible bathroom solution that adapts to the user – not the other way round

Universal Design by definition is “the design of buildings, products or environments to make them accessible to all people, regardless of age, disability or other factors”. Flexibility and universal design principles are essential in our bathrooms, and the introduction of the versatile ProfiloSmart system breaks through the design barrier like few systems have done before.

How To Make A Venue More Accessible for Disabled?

Simple Ways to Make Your Venue More Accessible

Having a disability shouldn’t stop someone from doing whatever they want to do in life. Unfortunately, the elderly, and people who struggle with mobility frequently find themselves often approaching venues without how accessible for disabled the venue is being taken into.   Making an effort to transform your venue into a more accessible place can