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Hoist Slings for Patient Positioning

Using the appropriate sling for patient positioning is essential for ensuring comfort, dignity, and safety during transfers for carer and user. Guldmann slings are ideal for moving people to and from beds to wheelchairs, between rooms and to change patients from a lying to an upright position. The comprehensive Guldmann range features slings for many […]

Everything You Need to Know about Patient Repositioning Systems

Hospitals, aged care centers, and rehabilitation clinics all have one thing in common: they need advanced technologies to assist with patient comfort. Part of providing the best in patient care includes the implementation of repositioning systems that can reduce the risk of strain for carers due to lifting, while providing better overall quality of care. […]

Products to Help Bedridden Patients – HLS Healthcare

A common challenge among healthcare professionals working with elderly or disabled patients is movement and positioning of the patient. For those who require assistance with even the most basic tasks like sitting upright, adjusting laying position, or getting in and out of bed, a specialized, medical-grade ceiling hoist can provide mechanical assistance that helps to […]

What is VENDLET Turning and Repositioning Assisitive Technology?


Hi, it’s Adrian here from HLS Healthcare. Today I wanted to briefly talk about our VENDLET Turning and Repositioning Assistive Technology. The VENDLET V5 was first produced in Denmark in 2013 with a purpose of automatically turning and re-positioning the bedridden patient. Since then, the VENDLET Turning and Repositioning has become a very important assistive technology in […]