Breaking Barriers: Designing an Inclusive World

In the Better Ways for Living podcast episode, “Overcoming Disability Discrimination”, we had the honour of hosting Justin Nix, a visionary leader and the CEO of Guardian Living. With a profound experience spanning 30 years in creating accessible built environments, Justin shares his insights on overcoming the challenges of disability discrimination, particularly in the built

Revolutionising Healthcare: The Impact of AI and Assistive Technology

In this episode, “Can AI change the way we deliver healthcare?”, we had the privilege of delving deep into the transformative power of AI and assistive technology in healthcare. Joined by Trent McHugh, CEO of Lifehub Group, our conversation explored groundbreaking topics, from the influence of AI on healthcare delivery to the effectiveness of the

Revolutionising Aged Care in Australia: Insights from Lou Pascuzzi, CEO at TLC Healthcare

In our debut podcast episode, “How to shake up Aged Care in Australia!”, we had the privilege of hosting Lou Pascuzzi, CEO at TLC Healthcare. This enlightening conversation delved deep into the Aged Care sector, uncovering crucial aspects of government funding, operational models, and industry transformations. In this blog post, we’ll encapsulate the insightful discussion,