Enhancing Aged Care Quality Standards: Revolutionising Care with Vendlet Powered Turning Aids

In the realm of aged care, the integration of advanced equipment like the Vendlet Powered Turning Aid goes beyond mere adoption; it symbolises a holistic approach dedicated to enhancing care quality, ensuring safety, and fostering the well-being of consumers. This blog delves into the seamless alignment of the Vendlet Powered Turning Aid with the Aged

Do Our Aged Care Residents Require CCTV Monitoring?

Do our aged care residents require CCTV monitoring?

The health minister of South Australia recently announced that the state government is exploring opportunities to work with technology providers on a strategy for monitoring patients in aged care facilities. If the government successfully finds a technology company to work with, they’ll be able to start monitoring individuals in senior care facilities through CCTV surveillance. According

Introducing the Elsi Smart Floor: The New Way to Monitor Residents

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A residents’ condition can quickly deteriorate in a healthcare or seniors support environment. That’s why it’s so important for nurses and specialists to keep a close eye on their residents. Unfortunately, when a healthcare team has dozens of residents to look after at once, it’s difficult to find the time to give each one the

How Can a Nurse Call Systems Benefit an Aged Care Facility?

Nurse Call System Aged Care

Nurse call systems are crucial within hospitals, care homes, and other aged care facilities. They allow patients to communicate with their care providers when they need them most. For example when patients are bed-bound or unable to move. Nurse call systems are an early warning system that sends an alert directly to a carer when

Everything You Need to Know About Nurse Call Systems in Australia

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Nurse call systems play a crucial part in the aged care environment. Allowing patients can get the high quality of support they need. The rise of technology in aged care is evident. Everything from automatic patient hoisting systems and monitoring tools, to nurse call systems has advanced. Allowing people to call for help when they

Falls Prevention Strategies in Aged Care

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Fall prevention equipment is one of the most important avenues an aged care home can invest in when it comes to providing safety and support to someone at risk of falling. The Elsi Smart Floor Monitoring System is a system available from HLS Healthcare that is proven to help reduce and detect falls in care

Falls Prevention Strategies in Healthcare Settings

fall prevention strategies in healthcare settings

Falls prevention strategies in healthcare settings; the latest technologies now available in aged and disability equipment have completely reshaped the managed care paradigm. Today, automation has combined with healthcare best practices to give caregivers a clearer understanding of their patients’ living conditions on a real-time basis. One of the best examples of this type of

What is an Elsi Smart Floor and What Are Its Benefits?

It seems like technology is taking entire industries to new heights every single day, and nowhere else is this the case than in managed healthcare. New methods of tracking and monitoring patients have resulted in reduced costs, better response times to falling incidents, and more efficient care facility operations overall. The pace of change within