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Will Tech Transform Quality of Care?

Increasingly, experts are beginning to see the value of technology in the healthcare environment. In fact, it seems as though technology has a part to play in various aspects of the health space, from aged care operations, to the delivery of crucial services.  The Aged Care Industry Information Tech council suggests that the right technology […]

Leading Elderly Living Architect Revealed

Leading design firm for Australia, Thomson Adsett has recently earned the accolade of being the number one architect in the world for Elderly Living solutions.  Building Design featured Thomson Adsett as the leading provider of aged care living solutions in their World Architect 100 survey. This document offers an insight into more than 1,400 practices […]

HLS Healthcare Proudly Introduces MANULET Bed Mobility Aids

MANULET Bed Mobility Aids

How to manage the health of a bed ridden patient is a challenge to many healthcare and nursing professionals. Rotation of patients is known as a daily challenge of the healthcare industry, being both time consuming as well as risk physical injury to both the patient and care provider. Vendlet and HLS healthcare believe that […]

Building a House for a Disabled Person

Building Suitable Homes for the Disabled or Elderly

Building Suitable Homes for the Disabled or Elderly. Seemingly simple tasks like cooking, because of physical limitations are often made difficult. With a small number of adaptations, so all residents are able to experience freedom and empowerment within their own homes. For your convenience, we have summarised a number of our key products. These products […]

The Ultimate Guide to Selecting Medical Equipment

To help you in making your medical equipment decision, we have laid out for you the ultimate guide to selecting disability equipment suppliers. These tips can help you in your efforts to make patients more comfortable and to reduce risk of strain for those who care for them. Step 1. Experience are absolutely critical when […]