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Changing Places

HLS Healthcare is an industry leader for the Changing Places initiative that advocates for public toilets with adult change tables and ceiling hoists in major public spaces across Australia to meet the needs of people with disabilities.

HLS Healthcare designs, supplies and installs lifting and healthcare equipment to facilities right across Australia. With our range of high-quality products, we can provide your facilities with a custom, packaged solution to meet all your needs.

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Advocating bathrooms with adult change tables and ceiling hoists Australia wide

Changing Places is a project to advocate for public toilets with full sized change tables and hoists for major public spaces across Australia to meet the needs of people with severe and profound disabilities.


HLS Healthcare has been advising and supplying smart equipment solutions for Changing Places projects across Australia since 2013.

As a specialist supplier, our team has the most extensive Changing Places knowledge base and experience available. From tender specifications to training and advice – we’ve got it covered.

Melbourne Cricket Ground

The MCG is more than just a sports venue. It’s a place where memories are made and childhood dreams come alive. There are fleeting moments at the ‘G that stay with you forever. Ask any Victorian and they’ll be aware of the Melbourne Cricket Ground’s status as the home of sport.

The MCG is steeped in a rich history; established in 1853, less than 20 years after the founding of Melbourne, it is often described as the beating heart of this fantastic city. It has been the home of Australian football since 1859, and was the birthplace of Test cricket in 1877 and one-day international cricket in 1971.

It was the main stadium for the 1956 Olympic Games and 2006 Commonwealth Games, attracts up to 100,000 fans to the annual AFL Grand Final and the ‘G comes to life each Christmas at the Boxing Day Test.

Other sporting spectacles to have been held there include World Cup soccer qualifiers, rugby league home and away matches and State of Origin, international rugby union and Austral Wheel Races.

But the ‘G, as it is affectionately known to locals, is so much more than Australia’s biggest sporting stadium. It has hosted Papal and Royal visits and housed US Marines, the US Army airforces and our own RAAF during World War II. It has also been a concert venue for international and local performers, held open days, charity events, dinners and many more.

Nestled in Yarra Park, about a 10-minute walk from the heart of the city, the MCG is open every day of the year for events and functions and tourists and the general public alike can visit seven days a week.

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Melbourne Zoo

At Melbourne Zoo, patrons can meet over 300 different species from around the world, only minutes from the city centre. The staff at Melbourne Zoo are committed to ensuring they provide an accessible environment for all the visitors at Melbourne Zoo and they achieve this in a variety of ways.

Melbourne Zoo has a Changing Places facility equipped with extra features such as a tracking hoist, full-sized change table, larger-than-standard accessible toilets and more space to meet the needs of people with a disability. This can be accessed with a Master Locksmith Access Key (MLAK).

In comparison to what is considered a standard disabled toilet Changing Places facilities toilets all come with adult change facilities. Changing Places facilities are built according to the guidelines and specifications outlined in our tools for builders section meaning they have all the features necessary to comfortably change an adult including enough space for two carers, height adjustable change tables, electronic hoist with safe working load of 180kg. 

If you would like to find out more about installing a Changing Places bathroom facility in your venue, or would like to explore how you can make your location more accessible. Feel free to contact one of our product specialists direct on 1300 931 893. 

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User Testimonials

See what happy Changing Places users have to say

HLS Healthcare

Vivid Vision

Robyn Crook

I work with the disabled and the Changing Places at the MCG has made a huge difference taking my client to the football and the cricket to attend to his personal needs. Also shoppingand dining at Eastland with him is fantastic now as I am able to attend to his needs as required. We would love a Changing Places at Knox City as we go there regularly as well.

Debby and Michael

Having a day out can be a challenge. Michael is an avid explorer and he loves being out and about traveling on buses, trains and in the car. Sometimes the destination is determined by the facilities we can access for toileting. But once he is out and about there are not many options around toileting. Michael has complex care needs and needs full support for all activities.

Angela Clarke

My youngest daughter has cerebral palsy. She uses a wheelchair and needs to be hoisted from her chair to the toilet, bed etc.

We went to the Melbourne Zoo having heard that a changing places toilet had just been opened. Well, we felt like a normal family for a change. We didn’t have the worry of our daughter not drinking too much before we went out, we didn’t have to leave our family gathering early, we didn’t have to strain our backs lifting her onto a toilet. What we did do was have a fantastic time knowing we could access a clean, fully equipped toileting facility with ease when we needed to.

We have also used the changing places toilet at the MCG, again this was great as we were celebrating my husbands 50th Birthday there and it would have been very disappointing to leave his own party early.

We need more and more of these facilities available in many more public places, in particular Chadstone Shopping Centre which is currently under going major renovations. How easy would it be to put in one or two of these facilities in the Southern Hemisphere’s largest shopping centre.

Everyone deserves the right to leave their home to access the community and know that a toilet is available for them to use as others do.

Liz Ellis

Melbourne has often been crowned as the most livable city in the world – that is if you don’t have a disability. We have Australian Building Standards for accessible toilets which unfortunately are discriminating in that they do not met the needs of all people with a disability.

This is extremely limiting where leaving early has become all too familiar. Missing a concert I paid for, leaving meetings half way through, missing the end of the movie, leaving the shops without acquiring what you came for is very emotionally draining.

There are no alternatives as there is a no lifting policy for support staff so if you cannot stand up, like me, public accessible toilets are not an option, sitting in soiled pads it is not only humiliating but has impacted on my heath resulting in infections and bleeding.

I really only have one alternative and that means not to go out at all and stay at home. The idea of being stuck inside four walls is soul destroying for me as I am an extrovert by nature with a love of people. I feel like a bird with my wings clipped.

Having Changing Places toilets would change everything and provide me with opportunities for employment, shopping, movies, concerts, visiting family and friends rather than online but best of all it would provide me a life, a life outside of four walls, alot of quality. I have a dream!

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