Charting the Path through Aged Care Quality Standards: Transforming Safety with Elma Smart Detection

In the dynamic landscape of aged care, the implementation of advanced technologies such as the Elma Smart Detection transcends mere adoption; it represents a holistic approach committed to enhancing care quality, ensuring safety, and nurturing the overall well-being of consumers. This blog explores the seamless alignment of the Elma Smart Detection with the Aged Care Quality Standards in Australia, heralding a new era of sophisticated, personalised, and secure care environments.

As aged care providers gear up for the new Aged Care Quality Standards taking effect on July 1st, 2024, the incorporation of cutting-edge solutions like Elma Smart Detection becomes instrumental in the pursuit of excellence in care provision.

Alignment with the strengthened Aged Care Quality Standards:

Standard 1 – The Person:
Individual-Centered Care: Elma Smart Detection is centered around the individuals’ needs, allowing them independence to live as they choose.

Privacy and Independence: The non-invasive sensor ensures no invasion of privacy, reducing the need for unnecessary room entries and providing a choice for personalised sensors and reporting for increased independence and quality of life.

Standard 2 – The Organisation:
Quality Care Delivery: Monitoring and reporting allow for the delivery of quality care, fostering a safe environment.

Real-Time Data for Continuous Improvement: Real-time data and reporting facilitate the implementation of reviews and continuous improvements for care.

Standard 3 – The Care and Services:

Proactive Approach to Care: Real-time reporting allows for easy review of data and a proactive approach to individual care, preventing and managing falls, bed behavior, and bathroom occupancy awareness.

Standard 4 – The Environment:

Proactive Care Plans: Real-time reporting facilitates proactive care plans, especially in cases of reduced resources and overnight shifts.

Standard 5 – Clinical Care:

Customised and Personalised Care: Elma Smart Detection offers customised and personalised care to the needs of the older person, including sleep monitoring, bathroom routine, and medication schedules.

Standard 7 – The Residential Community:

Fostering Independence: Personalised and proactive monitoring fosters independence and improved daily living, well-being, and a safe environment.

The integration of the Elma Smart Detection in aged care settings signifies a comprehensive commitment to aligning with the Aged Care Quality Standards, ushering in an era of care provision that prioritises dignity, choice, and safety for consumers. As the aged care industry embraces cutting-edge technologies, incorporating solutions like the Elma Smart Detection becomes instrumental in achieving excellence in care provision.

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