COVID-19: Safety Tools for Infection Control

A complication of COVID-19’s viral infection is respiratory compromise, notably poor oxygenation and in worst cases, respiratory failure. Positioning in prone, or belly down, improves oxygenation. Use of training schedules, even for persons not intubated and in severe respiratory failure, have shown anecdotal benefit during this pandemic.

Proning slings are ideal for turning to sideways and prone positions. They reduce friction against the patient’s tissues and skin and have a safe working load of up to 255 kg. Positioning slings are available as disposable as well, for lifting and supporting in a temporary use conditions. Also disposable leg slings are available for lifting extremities, and ideal for multiple tasks. The disposable twin Turner is also used for supporting users and positioning them on the side, up to 205kg, and allows the examination and care of the user’s skin.

HLS healthcare are actively assisting carers and nurses with the appropriate equipment during these unprecedented times. Repositioning slings are also a valuable item of equipment for lifting and repositioning users. These have a safe working load of up to 500 kg, are ideal for when an extra high level of hygiene is required. Similar to the proning sling you can utilise the repositioning sling in a bed to prone patients. Keeping a patient in a prone position can be used as a strategy to improve oxygenation when more traditional modes of ventilation fail.

Where a mobile lifter may be required, HLS healthcare are actively discussing options for both high and low lifts, even for large users. At a time such as now, with COVID-19 causing great stresses in the care community, a user friendly and simple to operate mobile lifter is essential. Also, one that is easy to clean and can handle up to 205 kg.

Where a ceiling hoist is required, HLS healthcare have free standing room coverage rail systems available. These systems are made of lightweight aluminium and available in two standard sizes – 3m x 3m and 4m x 4m. Our room coverage systems have a lifting capacity of up to 255 kg with a fully adjustable height up to 284 cm. Where a full room coverage system is not required, we also have a freestanding ceiling lift system on a straight rail. Very simple to put up and take down, height and length adjustable, and ideal for temporary lifting needs. Also, of critical importance once again, is the easy to clean nature of a freestanding ceiling lift system. Our single rail systems have a lifting capacity up to 255 kg as well.

Another area of concern amidst COVID-19 is physiotherapy, and for this we recommend a disposable gate trainer. For early mobilisation, activation and training it provides an extra high-level of hygiene with a capacity of up to 205 kg.

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