Custom-made Tables for Seniors and People with Mobility Disabilities

Tables for Disabled

Just as every individual has unique needs, tastes and preferences when it comes to their table choice. Ropox Tables offers tailored solutions to suit just about any disability or use.

From work tables that can be manoeuvred to fit a wheelchair snuggly, to tables that move from a horizontal position to a vertical position for people with limited mobility.

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Vision Table

The Vision Table Manual is a disability-friendly tilting table with manual height adjustment. The unique benefits of the Vision Table include:

  • manoeuvrability, the technology rises the desktop from a horizontal position to a vertical position,
  • shortening the distance to the documents on the worktop,
  • MagRule magnet technology to keep documents in place even when the table top is tilted,
  • height adjustment either manually or through a light pressure on the control switch,
  • ergonomic design, highly recommended for both adults and children as well as wheelchair users as obstructions are minimal,
  • available in an array of worktop sizes, colours, models and adjustment options.


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4 Single Table

The perfect table for kitchens, for rooms with large space, family rooms, and dining-rooms and for many various kitchen activities.

The tables attributes include the following:

  • manual or electric height-adjustable multi-functional frame for sitting as well as standing work,
  • adjustable frames by using a handle, remote control or controller,
  • robust brake wheels on the frame, 
  • can be easily adjusted within a moments notice to tailor to the needs of an individual or group,
  • ideal for the whole family.

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The ErgoDesk is an ergonomic and elegant sit-stand desk designed for people with disabilities.

The features and benefits of the ErgoDesk include:

  • stylish design with a light gray frame and tabletop,
  • ergonomic smooth finish with rounded edges and corners, design matches most environments in both private homes, at work, and in care centres.
  • electrically height adjustable making it easy to set the table to the desired height,
  • adjustable to suit multiple patients in a healthcare setting or to cater for multiple tenants in a care or communal environment, 
  • perfect for wheelchairs with minimal obstructions. 

get up 00 1500 min 800x800 Custom made Tables for Seniors and People with Mobility Disabilities

Get Up

Get-Up is an ideal solution as a standing/supporting table for people with limited mobility in both private homes and in professional settings.

The features of the table include:

  • specific design for rehabilitation sessions in occupational therapy and physiotherapy, 
  • easy to use with simple hand control to adjust the height,
  • supports that are easy to tailor to the needs of each individual with customised back support, knee support, and heel support if required,
  • design and features are ergonomic and exceed all relevant standards for aids for people with mobility disabilities,
  • approved for a user weight of 135 kg,
  • a unique boomerang cut-out which allows the user to get into a comfortable position at the table.

Appropriate table solutions are essential for most hospitals, care homes, and SDA buildings. It ensures that people who have mobility issues or physical limitations can partake in day to day activities without stress or struggle. It also allows for independence and freedom for the patient, which in turn minimises the need for carer involvement.

If you would like to find out more about the tables available through our team at HLS Healthcare please contact us directly on 1300 931 893. 

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