architect construction Disability Based Construction Consulting   Developers and ArchitectsDevelopers, architects and others involved in planning construction projects that include the installation of devices such as ceiling hoist systems, lifting platforms, stair lifts and elevators must take many factors into account.

Guldmann’s Project Consulting offers valuable support in all project phases – from idea to detailed project design. Our engineers, building technicians and technical draughtsmen are experts in implementing personal support equipment, and are therefore able to provide qualified, professional guidance.

We do not work with standard suggestions that later need to be adjusted to the actual conditions. Instead, we see any enquiry from our clients as a unique assignment, even if the project is only in the outline phase.

We always deliver complete and dimensionally stable solutions that are specifically adapted to the individual project, and which can be directly transferred to the final architectural drawings. This saves time and money for both architects and developers while preventing unpleasant surprises and guaranteeing the best results for all parties involved.

A consultation from a Guldmann project worker is free of charge and obligation-free, and we will gladly pay a visit to your drawing office or construction site.

Project Consulting offers the following:

  • Project and budgeting assistance
  • Sketch-level drawing as well as detailed project planning of track solutions, swing lifts, light-up and fire alert solutions, and ramp and other lifting installations.
  • Drawing up of descriptions, participation in planning and building meetings.
  • Drawing in Autocad.
  • Detailed architect manual for use with project planning of ceiling hoist systems and lifting and elevator solutions.