5 Innovative Products from Leading Disability Equipment Suppliers

5 Innovative Products from Leading Disability Equipment Suppliers

Whether you are responsible for the equipment used in your facility or you are a carer yourself, these innovative products can help you in your efforts to make handicapped people feel more comfortable and safe. In the field of managed healthcare, technological innovation helps the lives of both the caregiver and the patient. This can be seen in areas like patient monitoring automation and even patient relocation and positioning. The team at HLS Healthcare knows how much of a difference innovative technology can make to patient lives. Which is why we have outlined our 2018 product innovations to change the shape of disabled care in Australia.

1. Elsi Smart Floor

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The Elsi Smart Floor Monitoring System is the only system available on the market that’s proven to help reduce and detect falls in disability care homes. This advancement in managed care technology allows caregivers to respond quicker to falls and to be able to locate patients in distress faster than before. The Elsi Smart Floor operating system tracks the position and movement of human bodies relevant to their position on the floor. The interface of the flooring system with modern, handheld devices makes the overall operation seamless and easy-to-use. Various alarm and notifications can be activated in the unique Elsi® UI (User Interface) some of the most popular alarms utilised are:

  • Fall alarm
  • Bed alarm
  • Bed alarm with automatic light control
  • Toilet alarm
  • Toilet alarm with timer
  • Entrance/Exit alarm main door
  • Entrance/Exit alarm terrace door
  • Burglar alarm

2. Raizer Lifting Chair

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One of the most effective tools being utilised by hospitals and care facilities today is the Raizer Mobile Lifting Chair, The Razier Mobile Lifting Chair is a portable, lightweight device used to assist patients who have fallen and need assistance returning to a seated position. Below outlines some of the top features of the Raizer Mobile Lifting Chair:

  • A minimal physical effort for the assistant
  • Both citizen and assistant can feel safe in the process
  • Easy to transport in 2 light bags
  • Assembly prior to operation: max 3 minutes
  • Comfortable and safe for the person on the floor
  • Safe working load: 150 kgs.
  • Seat: Width 47 cm depth 22 cm.
  • Battery capacity: approx. 100 transfers before charging
  • Cleaning-friendly

3. The VENDLET Patient Positioning System

For patients that require assistance with turning or repositioning while laying down to avoid bedsores and other discomforts, an integrated on-bed positioning system like the VENDLET is an excellent option. The VENDLET integrates onto existing beds to provide caregivers with easy, functional assistance in the turning of patients from one side to another. This unique positioning solution allows for carers to operate an easy-to-use motor that moves the sheet lying below the patient, making turning easier and more dignified. The VENDLET can be utilised in a variety of different moving and handling situations, for example:

  • Repositioning the patient to lateral, prone or supine position for hygiene.
  • Moving the patient from one side of the bed to the other.
  • Repositioning the patient up in the bed.
  • Transferring the patient from one bed to another.

4. Guldmann Slings and Hoists

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Slings and Hoists are one of the most important pieces of equipment any individual or care home can invest in when it comes to providing support to someone with mobility issues. To assist with the quality of life and care received by patients, slings and hoists are used for a multitude of reasons. Some of them include:

  • Elevation of a single limb for healing or therapy
  • Relocation of a patient from one room to another
  • Transfer of a patient from a bed to a wheelchair, or vice versa
  • The positioning of a patient to perform procedures
  • Alleviation of pressure points that some patients can experience while laying down
  • Isolation of a limb to apply or remove dressings

5. Ropox Bathroom and Kitchens

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Making dinner or visiting the bathroom is a fairly routine task for most people, but people with disabilities it is a daily challenge. The benefits of a Ropox bathroom or kitchen are numerous, from reducing falls, improve patient comfort, as well as reducing the need for multiple carers. The benefits of Ropox Accessible Bathroom and Kitchen Systems include:

  • Products are ergonomically, strong and provide extra support during washing, cooking and whilst using the toilet and bathing.
  • The ability to help people with a reduced physical ability to be more independent and to improve, everyday life and self-esteem
  • The ability to give carers a better working day with a better working environment

To inquire about innovative products for your home or facility or to find out how HLS Healthcare can assist you, contact us today on 1300 931 893.