Elderly Fall Detection Equipment for Care Homes – Elsi Smart Floor

Elderly Fall Detection Equipment for Care Homes - Elsi Smart Floor

Care homes have a new option available to them when it comes to protecting and enhancing the lives of the disabled and elderly patients in their facilities. This new option involves highly accurate, state-of-the-art, pressure-sensitive floor tiling that integrates with a reporting system to alert carers of falls the moment they happen. This is the Elsi Smart Floor, and it’s revolutionising the way aged care centers provide their services to residents.

The Elsi Smart Floor isn’t just high-quality floor tiling. It’s an advanced system that tracks patient location, movement events (i.e., visiting the washroom, kitchen or patio), and works seamlessly with existing carer notification systems. This has all been traditionally managed using invasive technologies like CCTV cameras and video monitors, which not only infringes on patient privacy, but is also dated and costly to modify or change.

The Smart Floor from Elsi changes all this, giving aged care centers newfound abilities to provide better care every day.

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A New Patient Care Paradigm

With the Smart Floor from Elsi, carers are notified immediately any time a triggering event takes place. Such an event can be a fall, movement to a specific area within the domicile, or activation of a tile located in a specific area. This is especially valuable for carers who are responsible for tending to patients with dementia, Alzheimer’s, or other memory-related disabilities that can result in patients having unpredictable movement patterns.

For the residents of aged care facilities, there is absolutely no infringement on their privacy, and therefore there are no apologies to make or reasons to provide as to why unsightly equipment is positioned throughout the living area. In fact, most aged care residents are unaware that the system is in place at all. It truly is that seamless.

An Example of the Elsi Smart Floor in Action

George is an aged care resident living in room 302. At 2:00 am on a Tuesday morning, a notification comes to the carer desk that alerts them to George has fallen in his room near the front door. The carer team is made aware of this through an alert that is automatically sent to their mobile devices by the Smart Floor technology platform.

The alert is classified as a fall due to the sharp spike in pressure that was captured by one of the Smart Tiles that make up the overall smart floor. Once the carers are made aware of the incident, they can mobilise faster and respond sooner to the fall, resulting in quicker care provision and potentially saving a life.

What’s more, there are data logs that can be reviewed after-the-fact. These data logs can show exact patient location throughout a given day, which can be highly valuable when determining what is happening within resident rooms at all hours of the day.

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For Advanced Aged Care, Choose the Elsi Smart Floor

Taking advantage of modern technology like the Smart Floor from Elsi means putting advanced patient care equipment to work for you, reducing the time it takes to respond to falls and improving the overall welfare of the residents in your aged care facility.

To learn more about how this can be achieved for your organisation, contact HLS Healthcare today on 1300 931 893..