Elma™ Smart Detection: Alignment to Aged Care Quality Standards

In the dynamic landscape of aged care, embracing innovative technology isn’t just an option; it’s a necessity. Elma™ Smart Detection, our cutting-edge Smart Detection system, is not merely a product; it’s a solution meticulously crafted to meet and exceed the stringent Aged Care Quality Standards, transforming the way we provide care and ensuring dignity, privacy, and efficiency.

Meeting the Aged Care Quality Standards with Precision:

Elma sensor in the room with grandma Elma™ Smart Detection: Alignment to Aged Care Quality StandardsElma™ Smart Detection stands as a beacon, illuminating the path toward achieving the 8 Aged Care Quality Standards. From ensuring consumer dignity and choice to facilitating ongoing assessments and personalised care, Elma™ Smart Detection seamlessly integrates into the existing care framework, fostering an environment of trust and reliability.

Consumer Dignity and Choice (Standard 1): Elma™ Smart Detection empowers residents with a sense of control over their environment, enhancing their dignity and choice in daily activities.

Ongoing Assessment and Planning with Consumers (Standard 2): Our system provides real-time data, aiding in continuous assessment and personalised care planning for each resident.

Personal Care and Clinical Care (Standard 3): Elma™ Smart Detection offers non-invasive, proactive 24/7/365 care, ensuring residents receive attentive and compassionate personal and clinical care.

Services and Supports for Daily Living (Standard 4): By monitoring residents’ activities discreetly, Elma™ Smart Detection ensures timely assistance for daily activities, promoting independent living and contributing to a better quatlity of life.

Organisation’s Service Environment (Standard 5): Elma™ Smart Detection integrates seamlessly into the facility’s environment, enhancing the overall service quality and efficiency.

Feedback and Complaints (Standard 6): Through its monitoring capabilities, Elma™ Smart Detection facilitates rapid response to feedback and complaints, ensuring residents’ concerns are addressed promptly.

Human Resources (Standard 7): Elma™ Smart Detection arms facilities with knowledge and insights providing quality care and building a trusted relationship with residents, their families and facility carer givers.

Organisational Governance (Standard 8): Elma™ Smart Detection supports organisations in maintaining high standards of governance by offering comprehensive and real-time insights for improved delivery of resident care and services.

In the ever-evolving world of aged care, Elma™ Smart Detection doesn’t just set new standards; it embodies them. By championing dignity, ensuring safety, and optimising resources, Elma™ Smart Detection transforms care from a task into a compassionate, integrated experience. Discover the future of aged care with Elma™ Smart Detection – where innovation meets compassion, and standards are not just met but exceeded.