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Elsi Smart Floor by Maricare & HLS Healthcare

Elsi Smart Floor answers today’s requirements for nursing homes, where the requirements include: reduced injuries, improved nursing tools for providing proactive care, improved safety and security of the residence, unmet needs that can lead to behavioral disturbances, cost savings and much more.

Elsi in Care Homes

MariCare Solutions includes a number of benefits for Residents, Nurses, Relatives and the Care Home Provider: the common benefits being improved Service and Quality. Being proactive, MariCare Solution helps the right nurses to be at the right place at the right time.

Routine checks are reduced to save limited resources and improve the privacy of the residents. Quality of life is hugely improved having the constant assurance that help is always available when needed: 24/7, 365 days a year.

hospital floor solutions Elsi Smart Floor Technical Overview

Smart Floor Key Features

Elsi Smart Floor from HLS Healthcare Key Features

Elsi Smart Floor works on capacitive sensing technology just like your touchscreen. It is not reliant upon pressure or moving parts and therefore has a very long lifetime.

Elsi Smart Floor technology can be installed beneath any flooring material including Carpet, Vinyl, Tiles and Parquetry.

Elsi Smart Floor can be installed in all floor plan layouts and is not limited by the room design.

Elsi Smart Floor is the first system to successfully use capacitive technology to track the movement and position of a human body within a room. With over a decade of experience and more than 3000 rooms/apartments installed around the world, we are the most experienced provider of Smart Floor Technology.

After a 4 year pilot and study of Elsi Smart Floor by the Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare, Elsi was shown to reduce falls in the elderly by as much as 97% at certain times of the day by providing staff with an early warning of the movement of an at risk resident.

Elsi Smart Floor works on PoE and a single data cable is all that is required to ensure uptime of the system is maximized and Elsi is always looking after the residents.

The electronic components of Elsi are housed and protected within a discreet skirting conduit which means that in the event of failure, the component can quickly and easily be replaced with virtually no disruption to the resident or facility.

With the latest version of the Elsi User Interface, you have the ability to set thresholds for what is normal behaviour for a particular resident and be alerted if the resident behaviour changes from this.

Elsi can integrate with your preferred Nurse Call system easily and seamlessly.

A setting can be activated to create an alert should a resident spend an abnormally long tie in the bathroom and may require assistance.

Elsi can be interfaced with lighting systems to turn on or off lights at a particular event to improve safety and orientation for a resident.

Extensive Reports are available through the Elsi UI including the ability to play back an event to aid in investigating adverse incidents or reported incidents.

Every room can be completely customised to meet the needs of the individual resident simply and easily through the Elsi UI.

Terminals can be set at the nurse’s station for real-time monitoring of residents.

Elsi Smart Care Plan monitors the health and uptime of your system and alerts you should a room or system fault occur.

Choose the support package that best suits your needs.

Is the first technology of its kind in Australia, Elsi has successfully been installed in multiple sites across multiple states with more coming online.

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Futuristic aged care facility paving the way with floor sensor technology

More than two million dollars worth of electronics have been embedded during construction, that register when a resident walks into a room. Each footfall can be seen in a control room, again, monitored constantly.

The sensors are able to delineate between living and inanimate objects, and should a resident trip or fall, the pressure of their body on the floor triggers an alarm that alerts all staff, as well as logging their location. It means that the real risk in a fall or trip, that being unable to call for help and the possibility of being left unfound for hours, or even days, is completely ameliorated by the floor sensors.

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