Enhancing Aged Care Quality Standards: Revolutionising Care with Vendlet Powered Turning Aids

In the realm of aged care, the integration of advanced equipment like the Vendlet Powered Turning Aid goes beyond mere adoption; it symbolises a holistic approach dedicated to enhancing care quality, ensuring safety, and fostering the well-being of consumers. This blog delves into the seamless alignment of the Vendlet Powered Turning Aid with the Aged Care Quality Standards in Australia, ushering in a new era of dignified, personalised, and secure care environments.

As aged care providers prepare for the new Aged Care Quality Standards taking effect on July 1st, 2024, the adoption of innovative solutions like Vendlet Powered Turning Aids becomes paramount in the journey toward excellence in care provision.

Alignment with the strengthened Aged Care Quality Standards:

Standard 1 – The Person:
Safety, Comfort, and Dignity: The Vendlet Turning Aid centers around the person’s safety, comfort, and dignity, especially during hygiene tasks.

Respectful Turns: Vendlet allows carers to move individuals respectfully and with dignity, reducing physical strain while enhancing the quality of life through safe and comfortable turns.

Standard 2 – The Organisation:
Commitment to Process Improvement: The installation of Vendlet demonstrates a commitment to process improvement, reducing physical strain and ensuring a safe and dignified experience for individuals in care.
Strategic Resource Management: Vendlet reflects a strategic approach to resource management, reducing risk for both individuals in care and carers.

Positive Feedback and Risk Reduction: The use of Vendlet leads to positive feedback, improving the care experience and showing the organisation’s commitment to addressing individual needs. It also reduces the risk of incidents.

Standard 3 – The Care and Services:
High-Quality Care: Vendlet contributes to high-quality care, ensuring safe and efficient bed turns or movements for specific needs.

Risk Reduction: Vendlet reduces the risk of injuries and pressure sores, facilitating safe and efficient personal care, especially in hygiene and mobility tasks.

Standard 4 – The Environment:

Controlled and Dignified Processes: Vendlet facilitates controlled and dignified processes for hygiene practices, wound care, and mobility-related tasks.

Standard 5 – Clinical Care:
Commitment to Clinical Care: The installation and use of Vendlet demonstrate a commitment to safe and quality clinical care, addressing older persons’ specific needs and ensuring they feel valued and respected.

Scheduled Bed Turns: Vendlet facilitates scheduled bed turns for pressure sore prevention and infection control. In outbreaks, tasks can be performed with reduced staff, ensuring efficiency and safety.

Standard 7 – The Residential Community:

Quality Care Support: The use of Vendlet supports quality care, including dignified hygiene and wound care, enabling older people to feel confident and safe.

The adoption of the Vendlet Powered Turning Aid in aged care settings signifies a comprehensive commitment to aligning with the Aged Care Quality Standards, ushering in a new era of care provision that prioritises dignity, choice, and safety for consumers. As the aged care industry embraces innovative technologies, integrating devices like the Vendlet Turning Aid emerges as a pivotal step towards achieving excellence in care provision.

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