Ensuring Proactive, Personalised, and Dignified Care with Elma™ Smart Detection

Elma Smart Detection

In the ever-evolving landscape of aged care, HLS Healthcare proudly introduces Elma™ Smart Detection, a groundbreaking solution developed by MariCare. Elma™ stands as the pinnacle of innovation, offering a comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance your residents’ safety, well-being, and dignity.

As we delve deeper into the challenges faced by aged care, it becomes evident that proactive, personalised, and dignified care is paramount. Nearly 50% of elderly individuals in residential aged care facilities experience falls¹, and with the number of Australians living with dementia set to more than double by 2058², the need for innovative solutions is greater than ever.

Elma™ Smart Detection seamlessly communicates through both wired (PoE) and wireless (Wi-Fi) infrastructures, granting access to a user-friendly interface and providing real-time activity monitoring for proactive healthcare. Covering larger areas, including hallways, dining spaces, entry/exit points, and wet areas, each sensor spans approximately 15 meters, ensuring optimal visibility.

Operating as a central hub, Elma™ boasts a built-in BLE (Bluetooth) capability, enabling connection with various MariCare devices like bracelet alarm transmitters. This feature transforms Elma™ into the heart of intelligent monitoring, ensuring a new level of safety and convenience.

Elma UI 1 800x698 Ensuring Proactive, Personalised, and Dignified Care with Elma™ Smart Detection

Features & Benefits at a Glance

Easy Installation: Elma™ is effortlessly installed, offering a “plug and play” experience in both existing and new buildings, guaranteeing a hassle-free setup process.

Innovative Sensor Technology: Featuring non-invasive sensors, Elma™ offers fall prevention and detection, reducing fall risks and promoting resident safety.

Analysis and Reporting: Elma™ provides detailed insights into movement, bed behaviour, and motion detection, streamlining resident care plans and ensuring personalised attention. Behavioural changes could highlight early signs of dementia and proactive care plans implemented.

User-friendly Interface: Interface integration with any quality nurse call system allows real-time alerts to mobile phones, facilitating proactive care without disturbing residents.

Energy Management: Integrated lighting control reduces electricity costs, with sensors programmed to manage lights in response to resident movement, enhancing energy efficiency.

Onsite and Remote Evacuation Management: Identifies resident presence in rooms for safe and efficient evacuations, ensuring their well-being in emergency situations.

Burglar Alarm System: Customisable sensors alert staff when doors or windows are opened, enhancing security within the facility.

Elma™ operates beyond a traditional sensor, offering customised activity monitoring tailored to each resident’s personal care needs. Alarming when residents have been in bed for extended periods, it aids in preventing pressure injuries and ensures timely assistance when needed, promoting resident well-being.

Elma™ aligns seamlessly with the Aged Care Quality Standards, emphasising the importance of residents’ dignity, independence, and privacy. Through continuous assessment, personalised care planning, proactive 24/7/365 care, and efficient feedback response, Elma™ ensures the highest quality of care, nurturing residents’ sense of control and choice.

Are you curious to witness the transformative power of Elma™ Smart Detection? Book a demonstration at our showroom. Our experts will guide you through Elma™’s functionalities, answering your questions and showcasing how Elma™ can revolutionise your aged care facility.

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