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Esense Line Floor Hoists

The Esense Line Floor Hoist offers two distinct models to cater to diverse patient needs:

Line200: The Line200 is a versatile lift with a large arm length and a low base frame, providing ample space for patients on beds or in wheelchairs. Its compact design makes it an ideal choice for smaller spaces.

Line230: Engineered for heavier patients, the Line230 combines the robust base frame of the Line200 with the compact arm of the Line, boasting an impressive weight capacity of 230 kg. No matter the model, our Line series ensures optimal patient comfort during transfers.

Ease of use is paramount in our design philosophy. The Line series comes standard with a 4-point electric hanger bar (with an option for a 2-point hanger bar), facilitating seamless transitions from sitting to lying positions and vice versa. The integrated NiMH battery with a charger ensures that the lift is always ready for action, providing uninterrupted service.

Patented Esense Drive System

At the heart of our Line series is the patented Esense Drive System. This innovative technology allows for the movement of the lift with minimal force in any direction. The force sensor in the handlebar intuitively interprets the user’s movements, ensuring precise and controlled motion. Low operating forces mitigate the risk of physical strain associated with pushing and pulling, while the system’s intuitive control guarantees a short learning curve for users.

Ergo Feedback

Additionally esense patient lifts are standard equipped with Ergo feedback to alert the user when too much force is used to move the lift. The live feedback helps users to work within the ergonomic guidelines and thus contributes directly to prevent physical overload.

Esense Line | Passive Lift

Weight capacity150 kg200 kg230 kg
Length of base (frame)100 cm120 cm120 cm
Height of base11,5 cm11,5 cm11,5 cm
Maximum width frame - closed legs68 cm74 cm74 cm
Maximum internal width frame - open legs103 cm127 cm127 cm
Vertical range130 cm130 cm130 cm
Horizontal reach55 cm72 cm55 cm
Protection gradeIPX2IPX2IPX2
Battery typeNiMHNiMHNiMH
Battery voltage and capacity*24V 9Ah24V 9Ah24V 9Ah
Average number of transfers on a full battery**787878
Guaranteed battery lifetime in charge cycles500 x500 x500 x

*All lifts in the Line series are also available without esense drive system. These versions are equipped with a lower capacity battery.
**Calculation available upon request.

How to use esense Line passive lift


HLS Healthcare

HLS Healthcare esense line

line esense Esense Line | Passive column lift
esense line hanger bar Esense Line | Passive column lift
4-point electric hanger bar
Esense base Esense Line | Passive column lift

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