Essential Products for Aged Care Facilities

Aged care facilities face daily challenges in the routine care of disabled and elderly patients who require assistance with getting up, walking around, and adjusting their position when lying down. To meet these challenges, many newer products have been developed that can be put to use immediately, to reduce the risk of injuries sustained by carers as well as provide a more comfortable day-to-day living experience for patients.

While not all healthcare organisations have exactly similar needs for accessible mobility furniture and accessories, there are a few ‘essential’ products that are perfectly suited for aged care facilities in particular. In this post, we’ll be examining a short list of them.

Essential Product #1: The Vendlet Patient Positioning System

vendlet 87654 Essential Products for Aged Care Facilities

For bedridden patients who need assistance turning themselves, the full line of patient positioning devices from HLS Healthcare can serve multiple purposes. There are positioning cushions, handles, bedding accessories, and complete, integrated systems like the Vendlet V5+, an electronic turning sheet. Easy to clean and even easier to operate, the Vendlet patient positioning line of products has a solution for virtually any bedridden patient positioning challenge.

Essential Product #2: Guldmann Ceiling Hoists

gh1 f ceiling hoist Essential Products for Aged Care Facilities

A ceiling hoist is a professional-grade, movable hoist that uses ceiling tracks to relocate patients with mobility issues. Single-track systems are also available, giving aged care facilities more control over where they can easily move patients without presenting a lifting injury risk to carers. By installing a single-track Guldmann Ceiling hoist that travels from the bed to the bathroom, for example, a patient can be more easily transported within their living area, resulting in more efficient care.

Essential Product #3: Elsi Smart Floor Systems

ELSI Mobile and remote solution 3D image 2 FRA RGB 800x555 Essential Products for Aged Care Facilities

The Elsi Smart Floor System from HLS Healthcare is a fully integrated flooring solution that uses pressure-sensitive panels to detect the location and status of elderly or disabled persons. The system is connected to an alert and notification system that keeps carers informed regarding the exact location and activity logs for all patients, resulting in shorter fall response times more efficient use of carer time and resources.

Essential Product #4: Stepless Wheelchair Lifting Platforms

6098 lp1 2006 800x789 Essential Products for Aged Care FacilitiesWhen wheelchair-bound patients need to be relocated to a surface that is a different elevation than the surface they are on, this presents a challenge for carers. The stepless wheelchair lifting platforms from HLS Healthcare address this need head on by providing ‘stepless’ operation of wheelchair lifting, providing a safe, reliable method to lift wheelchair-bound patients quickly and effectively.

With the right product selection, correct configuration, customer support and training, the patient mobility products available from HLS Healthcare can truly transform the day-to-day operation of aged care facilities.

If you or your healthcare organisation could benefit from patient mobility furniture and accessories like those listed here, contact HLS Healthcare. When you need hoists, slings, lifts, or other mobility tools to make work and life easier for both patients and carers, call us directly on 1300 931 893, our team of knowledgeable professionals are standing by and waiting to help.