Everything You Need to Know about Guldmann Ceiling Lift Systems & Guldmann Slings

Everything You Need to Know about Guldmann Ceiling Lift Systems & Guldmann Slings

Guldmann Ceiling Lift Systems and Guldmann slings are used in medical and assisted care situations for all varieties of patient lifting needs, from mobilisation of a single limb to a full-body repositioning. Because there are so many ways to take advantage of the comfort and convenience that slings can offer, HLS Healthcare provides a complete range of slings and patient lifting accessories.

ghz ceiling hoist Everything You Need to Know about Guldmann Ceiling Lift Systems & Guldmann Slings
GHZ Ceiling Hoist Solution – Patient Lifts

As part of our ongoing customer education process, HLS Healthcare invests heavily into the training material and user guides that are included with our products. To best operate a sling with minimal risk of injury to either the patient or the operator, always take the time to learn how to use each sling appropriately and call on your HLS Healthcare product specialist who should be able to answer any questions whatsoever.

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Guldmann Ceiling Hoist – HLS healthcare disability equipment suppliers

How Guldmann Ceiling Lift Systems & Guldmann Slings Work

Simply put, slings provide hoist-assisted lifting or support to individual appendages or support for the entire body. Some Ceiling Lift Systems provide motorized control and move along a track system that is permanently installed into the area. Other patient lifters and positioning systems are mobile and can be moved from room to room or building to building.

All Guldmann Slings are detachable from the ceiling hoist. Keeping inventory of multiple sling types means you can use your ceiling hoist for a variety of uses, just by removing one sling and replacing it with a sling of a different size or dimension.

To assist with the quality of life and care received by patients, slings are used for a multitude of reasons.

Some of them include:

  • Elevation of a single limb for healing or therapy
  • Relocation of a patient from one room to another
  • Transfer of a patient from a bed to a wheelchair, or vice versa
  • Positioning of a patient to perform procedures
  • Alleviation of pressure points that some patients can experience while laying down
  • Isolation of a limb to apply or remove dressings
  • Many more

Because there are so many uses for ceiling hoists, it’s helpful to have at least a few spare lifting slings on hand just in case they’re needed. Also, don’t forget that all slings can be easily cleaned using the same cleaners and disinfectants that you already use elsewhere in your facility. There are even slings that are designed to be discarded after use, as is the case with the disposable sling.

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Guldmann Ceiling Hoist – Disposable Hoist perfect for situations that require hygiene focus – Available from HLS Healthcare

All in all, ceiling hoist systems are an indispensable tool for healthcare facilities throughout Australia. They help carers deliver better assistance for patients, and Guldmann ceiling hoists and slings in particular are known for their reliability and ease-of-use.

Different Sling Types

Patients who can benefit from use come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why the slings available from HLS Healthcare come in a broad variety of styles and sizes. To determine what sling size is right for your patient or application, we suggest consulting the Guldmann Sling Lift Sizing Chart, which contains important information related to the physical dimensions of each sling size. As always, we’re here to help if you get need any further information.

In addition to sizing, the sling type itself can be fairly well customised. There are partial body slings, full-body slings, hammock-style slings, and even ABC Slings for kids, which are kid-sized and balanced for use with the same hoist systems suitable for adults.

Just a quick word on the sling/hoist connection: HLS Healthcare provides Guldmann ceiling lift systems that use hangers made from industrial-grade materials with high weight tolerances. These hangers come in multiple formats, from basic, two-point connection hangers, to the Hanger Cross with Connecting Bar. Finding the right hanger to work with your hoist or sling is easy – just contact the team at HLS Healthcare and we’ll help you arrive at the right product for you.

Ceiling Lift Systems Use with Other Medical Equipment

Due to the nature of patient care, it can often be necessary to use a sling while also using another medical device, like an aspirator, heart monitor, or other accessory. To accommodate for this, slings can be used in coordination with other devices so long as the right sling is affixed to the ceiling hoist system. It’s important to use a sling that allows for patient exposure where it is needed, so be sure to check the Sling Product Catalog to locate the right sling for the patient or procedure.

Slings with the sole aim of repositioning a patient who is lying down can also be used in conjunction with virtually all other medical aids, with only some exceptions. This is because the horizontal sling is used like a bedsheet and doesn’t need to be attached to the hoisting hanger until repositioning is needed. This enhances comfort for the patient and provides easier operation for the carer.

There’s No Substitute for Expert Advice

Even when you feel comfortable that you know enough about slings, hangers, and hoists to place an order, it can help to reach out for assistance just to confirm that your product selection is accurate. With dozens of different product configurations to choose from and even more potential product combinations, don’t make the mistake of assuming you need one type of sling when, in fact, your application calls for one completely different.

Having the right sling type suited to the right patient can provide remarkable benefits for everyday living and routine medical care. Invest in a ceiling hoist solution for your organisation for enhanced patient care and lowered risk of carer injury due to straining.

HLS Healthcare is happy to answer all of your questions related to any of the Guldmann hoist and sling products we carry – our purpose is patient and carer safety, which lead to better ways for living. Contact us on 1300 931 893 and let us work with you to develop a patient lifting solution that meets your individual needs.


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