Everything You Need to Know about Patient Repositioning Systems

Hospitals, aged care centers, and rehabilitation clinics all have one thing in common: they need advanced technologies to assist with patient comfort. Part of providing the best in patient care includes the implementation of repositioning systems that can reduce the risk of strain for carers due to lifting while providing better overall quality of care.

Because there’s so much to know about these systems, we’re giving you everything you need to know about patient repositioning systems, all in one post.

All about Hoists

A hoist can be a crucial tool in the daily task of relocating and repositioning patients with a wide variety of special needs. There are two general types of hoists: ceiling-mounted hoists and mobile hoists. The benefits of ceiling hoists include having an ever-ready method of assisting patients, not having bulky equipment take up space on the floor, and reducing the time it takes for carers to complete basic tasks when caring for infirm patients.

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Mobile hoists offer their own features and benefits, including more flexibility in the location of the hoist, lowered capital expense compared with installing permanent hoists in every room, and ease of use for carers. To determine whether a mobile or ceiling hoist is best for your organisation, consider where and how frequently your patients need hoist assistance and plan accordingly.gl5 mobile lifter 2 e1537248255488 Everything You Need to Know about Patient Repositioning Systems

Remember that virtually all hoist systems can be used interchangeably with slings and other implements that can make both carers and patients’ lives easier. When a carer spends less time having to reposition a patient for a meal, bathing, or a medical procedure, the overall efficiency of your facility is improved. These efficiencies can be realised with the use of either ceiling-mounted or mobile hoist systems.

Integrated On-Bed Positioning Systems

For patients that require assistance with turning or repositioning while laying down, an integrated on-bed positioning system like the Vendlet V5+ is an excellent option. This unique positioning solution allows for carers to operate an easy-to-use motor that moves the sheet lying below the patient, making turning easier and quicker. These systems are easy to install, easy to operate, and the turning sheet itself can be simply removed and washed before being returned to service.

By combining these two technologies – hoist systems and on-bed positioning systems – you’re giving your patients and carers a better way to go about their day. When patients are more comfortable and when carers are exposed to less risk of strain, everyone benefits. Your facility will enjoy increased efficiency while your bottom line benefits from the reduced carer downtime and improved overall quality of care.

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