Everything You Need To Know About Slings for Hoists

Everything You Need To Know About Slings for Hoists

Slings are one of the most important pieces of equipment any individual or care home can invest in when it comes to providing support to someone with mobility issues. To make the purchase of your next sling as easy as possible we have provided you with everything you need to know about slings for hoists.

With a sling, caregivers can not only ensure that they’re protecting themselves from the threat of dangerous lifting practices, and back problems, but also make sure that they’re taking steps to avoid any injuries to the person in need of care too.

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The comprehensive Guldmann range of slings features slings for many different care tasks, ranging from lifting, positioning and moving to training, mobilisation and activation. The right sling ensures comfort and safety for the user, along with a proper working position for the carer. Here are just a few of our sling alternatives:

1. Slings for Lifting:

The Active Micro is a great option as a base lifting sling. It offers support to the upper part of the body (from upper pelvis till under the shoulders). The belt has a re-tightening function if necessary to adjust the support around the body. In circumstances where reduced muscular strength of upper part of the body and above hip joint and thigh bone the sling can easily taken on or off.


2. Disposable Slings:

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The Guldmann Disposable Slings are ideally for a wide variety of users and lifting operations.  The sling is ideal for situations in which a high level of hygiene is required, and where there is an elevated risk of contagion and infection. As well as perfect for single use lifting, moving and positioning users who have reduced control in their head, upper and lower body. It can be used from a seated or lying position, for example from a floor, bed or wheelchair.


3. Slings for Gait Training:

For many patients or elderly people who are recovering from injury or surgery, slings can be a truly beneficial tool on the road to rehabilitation. There are dozens of sling and hoist implement varieties available, with styles and sizes that are suitable for virtually every situation. All Guldmann gait training slings provide support around the chest and shoulder areas. As well as, detachable leg straps to give support around the hip area and prevent the user from sliding out of the sling.There are even slings that are specific for use on individual limbs, which are ideal for rehabilitation of fractures and other serious ailments affecting the appendages.

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Common lifting and moving procedures that can utilise slings for rehabilitation:

  • Gait training
  • Moves in and around the bed
  • Assisted active exercises
  • Exercises with some weight support
  • Training on a treadmill
  • Aquatic therapy
  • ADL training assistance
  • Balance and posture exercises

4. Medical Procedure Slings:

Guldmann provides a wide range of slings for medical procedures. These slings are ideal for therapy procedures, Supporting limbs to carry out activities such as wound treatment, dressings or when carrying out personal hygiene procedures or x-rays.

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To find out which sling would be most beneficial for your circumstance or to find out more about Guldmann Slings. Contact us at HLS on 1300 931 893.