Fall Detection, NurseCare and Quality Standards Compliance

As the Royal Commission continues to move closer to releasing its outcomes, providers need to ensure they are making the right decisions to help protect and support their organisation. As such, Quality Standards for aged care projects are now being considered by providers and architects much earlier in the design or redevelopment stages of a project. This is critical, to ensure compliance from the beginning and not as a reactive measure when it is too late – and too costly. If these sorts of discussions around safety, intelligent resident monitoring, labour costs and reporting systems are held early, providers simply eliminate the risk missing out on new life-saving and money-saving systems.

At HLS Healthcare, we provide whole-of-life solutions to aged care providers. These solutions not only assist in achieving these mandatory standards and offer ways to improve methods of care, staff efficiencies and documentation processes. With the Elsi Smart Floor and integrated NurseCare, staff have access to more information faster. Carers can increase nurse-to-resident quality care time by reducing paperwork and less efficient documentation requirements. Staff can work more productively under less stress .. all whilst the organisation decreases costs. Too good to be true? Not at all.

So what do the Quality Standards say?

Standard 1 refers to Privacy and dignity for the residents. This is one of the most important standards. Families want to make sure their loved ones are treated with the best possible care in their last stages of life. Elsi Smart Floor is designed to sustain the level of privacy and dignity all residents deserve. Through non-invasive floor sensor based monitoring, Elsi is designed to trigger alarms if a resident falls, or if they wander into the bathroom when they perhaps shouldn’t. Maybe a resident gets out of bed too many times over a certain period of time, alerting the staff to a possible health issue. The vigilance is silent, but the benefits speak loudly.

Every resident is different, so every room setup is different. The Elsi Smart Floor gives residents the independence they need whilst being subtly monitored, empowering them to live the best life they can.

Standards 2, 3 & 8 have a significant impact on the way Aged Care providers care for their residents. These standards put best practice always at ‘top of mind’.  By offering an integrated smart floor and nurse call system we provide our clients with a proactive solution.

NurseCare (a Eurotronik system exclusively supplied by HLS Healthcare) is designed to improve productiveness of staff. The nurse call system integrates with the clinical documentation system, allowing staff to perform documentation for the resident whilst in their room, through the touch Tab on the wall. No paperwork. No information gaps. Just accurate and better documenting that equals better reporting and better outcomes for residents, staff and management. This also supports a provider’s ability to meet and exceed the requirements of Standards 2 & 3.

Standard 8 relates to monitoring falls and enabling analysis. What if you could generate instant reports on falls? You can. Our solutions provide immediate information, such as when and how many times a resident gets out of bed, when they get up from their chair, and so much more. This gives the accurate information needed to make the right decisions, at the right time. Elsi Smart Floor combined with NurseCare provides staff the essential information they need, when they need it. Critical, quick and customised knowledge about residents – information they would not normally have access to – helps improve the level of care to meet the new Quality Standards for aged care.

You can read more on the Elsi Smart Floor and Eurotronik NurseCare system on the HLS website, and you can review how our products align with the Quality Standards for aged care at Umbrella’s new quality standards assessment and support website.

Post by Anthony Cantor – anthony@hlshealthcare.com.au