Falls Prevention Strategies in Aged Care

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Fall prevention equipment is one of the most important avenues an aged care home can invest in when it comes to providing safety and support to someone at risk of falling. The Elsi Smart Floor Monitoring System is a system available from HLS Healthcare that is proven to help reduce and detect falls in care homes. With the Elsi Smart Floor, caregivers can not only ensure that they’re are attending to fallen patients as soon as possible, but this state of the art technology also allows carers to see high risks scenarios such as irregular movements allowing them to intervene before hazardous scenarios occur.

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The New Era of Fall Prevention Technology

The Elsi Smart Floor is an integrated system of sensors and connected hardware that work together to track and monitor elderly persons. The system can also be used to obtain status checks on those in need of 24/7 supervision due to other health-related reasons such as Dementia or Alzheimer’s.

What makes the Elsi Smart Floor unique is its suite of advanced technological features, including:

● Immediate notifications when patients have moved from room to room
● Alerts that inform staff that a patient has fallen or moved to an unsecured area
● Integration with existing patient tracking
● Mobile device compatibility (a must-have for many modern hospitals and critical care facilities)
● Easy-to-use interface with a short learning curve
● A fully customisable system with customer-specific dimensions and configurations

The technology around the Elsi Smart Floor is similar to today’s touchpads and tablet computers; so it’s reliable and intelligent in its methods of detection including capacitive sensing and conductance sensing. Allowing the technology to detect the type of motion and the actual position of human bodies relative to their positions on the floor.

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The installation is simple, and maintenance is easy, making it a perfect solution for aged care facilities of any size. Various notifications and alarms can be activated by the Elsi Smart Floor Monitoring system user interface, using different criteria. These alarms are also adaptable to Smart Phones or DECT Phones. Alarms available from the Elsi Smart Floor include:

● Fall alarm
● Bed alarm
● Bed alarm with automatic light control
● Toilet alarm
● Toilet alarm with timer
● Entrance/Exit alarm main door
● Entrance/Exit alarm terrace door

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Utilising modern technology like the Elsi Smart Floor allows your aged care facility the best chance of preventing patient falls, as well as reducing the time it takes to respond to accidents. To learn more about how this can be achieved for your organisation, contact HLS Healthcare today on 1300 931 893..