Falls Prevention Strategies in Healthcare Settings

fall prevention strategies in healthcare settings

Falls prevention strategies in healthcare settings; the latest technologies now available in aged and disability equipment have completely reshaped the managed care paradigm. Today, automation has combined with healthcare best practices to give caregivers a clearer understanding of their patients’ living conditions on a real-time basis. One of the best examples of this type of innovation is the Elsi Smart Floor, available from HLS Healthcare.

Before smart floor technology, there was no way to monitor the exact location of a patient in their own domicile unless invasive cameras were installed. For the sake of privacy, more accurate patient monitoring, the Elsi Smart Floor was developed. This intelligent product solves the problem of reducing operational cost while also increasing patient welfare.

So, how exactly is this accomplished?

Falls Prevention Strategies in Healthcare Settings – The New Era of Aged and Disability Care

When it comes to what can and can’t be known about a patient’s whereabouts and status, what used to be taken for granted is now being questioned.

With the invention of the Elsi Smart Floor, intelligent proximity sensors work with pressure-sensitive flooring material to deliver real-time patient location information to the people who need it most. This is a revolution in critical care for the disabled and elderly because it reduces response time to fall incidents and notifies caregivers of situations needing attention sooner than before.

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What used to be viewed as an invasion of privacy is now being heralded as the next great leap in disability and accessible living equipment. With the Elsi Smart Floor from HLS Healthcare, care providers now enjoy the following benefits:

  • Immediate notifications when patients have moved from room to room
  • Alerts that inform staff that a patient has fallen or moved to an unsecured area
  • Integration with existing patient tracking
  • Mobile device compatibility (a must-have for many modern hospitals and critical care facilities)
  • Easy-to-use interface with a short learning curve
  • Fully customisable system with customer-specific dimensions and configurations


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If you are responsible for the operation of a healthcare facility that serves elderly and disabled patients, or if you simply want a way to monitor a loved one more closely, the Elsi Smart Floor is a proven, reliable tool you can use to get peace of mind and more efficient care. In order to determine what exact smart floor specifications are right for you, it will help to gather together the room dimension information needed to determine how much flooring material must be installed.

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The Elsi Smart Floor from HLS Healthcare is revolutionising the way care is provided to the disabled and elderly. It’s time your organization took advantage of this exciting new technology.

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