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Absolutely! Please drop us an email or give us a call and we'll organise a time to come out and see you.

We are the Exclusive Australian Importer of the Guldmann Ceiling Hoist System and Ropox Height Adjustable Kitchen Frames and Bathroom Products.

Our products are used in hospitals, nursing homes, aged care homes, schools, special accommodation and residential homes right across Australia.

We genuinely care about the well-being of our customers and are committed to helping you find the best solution. Please contact our friendly team, to find out how we can support your requirements.

HLS encourages feedback and comments on the products and services we provide. If you believe something could have been done differently or better we would like to hear from you.

If you feel we haven’t delivered what you expected or an incident has occurred we would like to know so that we can improve the quality and safety of our products and services to all customers. Whether it’s a complaint or a compliment these will be treated with appropriate confidentiality, sensitivity and support.

We will also provide you with a full response on any investigation that is undertaken and the outcome of improvements we implement. For all NDIS participants if you feel a complaint or incident you have raised has not been supported or dealt with appropriately you can seek further support by contacting either the National Disability Insurance Agency on 1800 800 110 or the Disability Services Commissioner on 1800 677 342