Frequently Asked Questions on the ELSI Smart floor Answered by the Experts at HLS Healthcare

Frequently Asked Questions on the ELSI Smart floor Answered by the Experts at HLS Healthcare

Falls and security are front of mind for most aged care and nursing home facilities.Often the challenge being how can we be everywhere at once and how can we establish a level of safety for both care providers and patients.The Elsi Smart Floor is a valuable piece of technology for any facility looking to solve these problems.

How does the Elsi Smart Floor work?

The Elsi Smart Floor solution is based on the idea of fall prevention, the technology utilises a proactive series of alarm notifications, allowing nurses or care providers the opportunity to be in the right place at the right time. Without invading the patients privacy the system is able to provide complete transparency over the situation that is occuring, whether it be:

⦁ a patient fall,
⦁ the patient is out of bed,
⦁ the patient is in the bathroom or hallway,
⦁ an object has fallen,
⦁ the patient is attempting to leave the facility

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Besides fall detection what else can the Elsi Smart Floor detect?

The user interface provides information on the residents activity level and general wellbeing. The Elsi User Interface provides diverse and vital information on the patients activity levels throughout the day. The Elsi system learns the residents normal activity level and is capable of notting unusual behavioural patterns. The interface can be assigned resident specific top and bottom values in relation to, for example, toilet visits or sleep per day. The user interface also includes diagrams that provide information on the patients activity levels over a longer period of time, showing changes that would otherwise be left unidentified.

2 Frequently Asked Questions on the ELSI Smart floor Answered by the Experts at HLS Healthcare

How is the Elsi Smart Floor Installed?

It may surprise you to know that the Elsi Smart Floor is actually easy and quick to install, this is a priority for most aged care and nursing home facilities, as areas can not have restricted access for long periods of time. The Elsi Smart floor can be installed in both existing facilities or facilities under development. The installation process is similar to the manner that linoleum carpets are installed.

What does the finished product look like?

Elsi Smart Floor is invisible, protected by the top floor carpet, which makes each residential apartment look like a normal home. Residents and relatives are able to feel comfortable with a level of privacy and do not get the impression that they are being monitored.

Are there studies of the overall effectiveness and cost savings of the system?

Elsi Smart Floor pilot project conducted by the city of Helsinki Finland together with Aalto University between 2006 and 2010 clearly proved the benefits of the Elsi Solution. Not only were the cost savings in all related areas clear, but also the direct feedback from nurses and residents were extremely encouraging. The further study on the effectiveness of Elsi smart floor conducted in 2012 concluded that the care home unit equipped with Elsi System is perceived as a more attractive working place by nurses because it allowed them to focus their care on the needs of residents.

3 Frequently Asked Questions on the ELSI Smart floor Answered by the Experts at HLS Healthcare
Is the technology actively being used in the Australian aged care facilities?

Yes, in fact the success of the Elsi Smart Floor was recently mentioned in the Australian Ageing Agenda magazine in relation to it’s installation at Scalabrini Aged Care Village. Since having completed the final stage of construction for all 127 rooms, Scalabrini has earned multiple international and domestic awards and is now enjoying positive press from major news outlets, including Channel 9.

“Programmable smart floors that discreetly monitor movements and detect falls along with ceiling hoists that aim to ensure the comfort and safety of residents are among the assistive technologies incorporated into all bedrooms at Scalabrini Village’s newest facility in Drummoyne, Sydney.The assistive technology helps the environment to adapt to the differing and changing abilities of residents, says Elaine Griffin, CEO of Scalabrini.

The sensor floor within each bedroom, for example, is programmed according to the clinically assessed needs of individuals. “We are aware of a resident’s capability and how best to support them. The floor can be programmed accordingly so we can ensure we are not being intrusive, interrupting or disturbing their privacy unnecessarily. That freedom, privacy and dignity is important to us,” Griffin tells Australian Ageing Agenda.”

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