Grand and Accessible Designs: Wheelchair Accessible Kitchen Ideas

Popular UK television show, Grand Designs recently introduced viewers to the amazing potential of accessible design. The program hosted by Kevin McCloud doesn’t usually focus on things like accessible and inclusive design. However, on one particular video from the Grand Designs Facebook page, you can see McCloud talking to a homeowner in a wheelchair about his issues using a standard kitchen.

While the kitchen is beautiful to look at, the owner said that it’s one of the main rooms that makes him feel like he’s “disabled”. This is a common issue for many wheelchair users in Australia and around the world. A lot of wheelchair users are forced to find people who can help them build bathroom and kitchen environments designed to their specific requirements because there seems to be nothing in the typical market that can match their requirements.

Creating an Accessible Home

The good news for people in wheelchairs, and those who struggle to make do with the one-size-fits-all kitchens that are common in the home design environment, is that there is an alternative. The ROPOX accessible kitchen systems available from healthcare equipment experts like HLS Healthcare transform the kitchen space not just visually, but in terms of functionality too.

ROPOX kitchens offer customers a flexible environment in which they don’t have to worry about reduced physical ability. With drawers and cupboards that can adjust according to the height requirements of each individual user, ROPOX allows homeowners to regain some of their much-needed independence. At the same time, ROPOX frames and systems make it much easier for care providers to manage looking after for an individual with mobility issues.

Carers can enjoy a better working environment where individuals in wheelchairs have the freedom to help themselves and rely on their care assistants for more complicated tasks.

Establishing Independence for Wheelchair Users

The Grand Designs video from the UK is an excellent insight into the growing need for more accessible home furniture for individuals in wheelchairs and those with mobility issues. While the kitchen is one of the environments with the most demand when it comes to mobility problems, wheelchair users also have other environments that they need to address too. For instance, many bathrooms in standard homes and apartments just aren’t designed for wheelchairs.

In some cases, when things like grab bars and wheel-in baths are implemented, the result is a compromise on the style on comfort. Fortunately, systems like the ROPOX bathroom accessory portfolio helps individuals from all backgrounds to reduce risks in the bathroom and maximise independence. With ROPOX systems, for both the kitchen and the bathroom, wheelchair users can create a home that’s perfect for their needs, without having to feel as though they’re living in a world surrounded by challenges.

ROPOX products are ergonomic, strong, and durable, offering extra support during washing and bathroom use. Additionally, these tools come with unique features that can’t be found in traditional bathroom kits. Contact HLS Healthcare today to find out more.