What to Look for When Buying Handicap Lifts for Your Healthcare Facility

What to Look for When Buying Handicap Lifts for Your Healthcare Facility

Handicap lifts are one of the most important pieces of equipment a healthcare facility can invest in after all handicap lifts not only provide support to the patient, they prevent strain to the health care providers. There are a number of products to consider when buying a handicap lift, for your convenience today we have outlined four of our most popular options and outlined for you what you should look for when investing in each. Please do not hesitate in reaching out in the early stages of research as we do have solutions to suit almost all circumstances.

What to Look for in a Ceiling Hoist?

 When evaluating your hoist alternatives it is important to consider how frequently the hoist will be in use, this will dictate what hoist will be the most suitable for your facility. If the hoist will be used several times throughout a single day, a self-charging ceiling hoist is recommended, this will prevent the hoist from becoming unusable due to flat batteries – the Guldmann GH 3 charges itself through the rails irrespective of where it is left, this means that even if it is not put away after use, it will still be ready and charged for its next use.

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The weight of patients is also a consideration, the Guldmann range has a base weight of up to 250 kg. When moving bariatric patients a greater load weight might be a consideration, this will require a system like the GH 3+ (300kg weight capacity) or GH twin (500kg weight capacity). The GH twin has two ceiling hoists hangers to make moving a patient of that size achievable whilst protecting the welfare of staff.

Experience and a proven track history of success speak volumes about what you should expect from your own experience with a ceiling hoist company. When looking to invest in a premium quality healthcare products, it is our recommendation that you find a company that is knowledgeable enough to guide you through the whole decision-making, configuration, acquisition and installation process.

What to Look for in a Sling?

When purchasing a sling, it might seem obvious but a clear indication of what body areas require supporting will dictate the sling that your healthcare facility requires. Some slings are designed to support the neck and head, whilst others focus on the core support. Our most popular purpose base slings include:

  • Rehabilitation
  • Toileting
  • Bathing
  • Disposable
  • Amputee
  • Kids
  • Bariatric
  • Repositioning

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The Guldmann range has three main material types

  • The yellow polyester – for everyday use or rehabilitation, this fabric is durable and easy to keep clean;
  • The white disposable – when hygiene is a consideration (single use recommendation);
  • The black net polyester – to allow for air circulation, extra comfort and reduces moisture forming;
  • The blue tencel – for particularly sensitive skin.

When purchasing a sling it may be tempting to opt for the lowest price, after all, there is generally a limited budget that needs to go as far as possible. The slings available from HLS healthcare the Guldmann slings are the lowest total cost over the stand hoists lifetime, the Guldmann hoist solutions are designed to last. This proves customers with the best value for money long term. With the Guldmann stand hoist, you invest in a product that will offer you quality today and for years to come.

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What to look for in a Standing Hoist?

Company values and ethical responsibility is an important point to be considered when selecting which stand hoist to invest in. We recommend all customers when investing in healthcare products to look for companies that share your values. This can be evaluated by a companies customer service. First encounters with your potential healthcare companies can be a great indicator as to what you can expect from the organisation during post-sale, training and having an enjoyable overall experience.

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Thorough analysis, combined with your practical know-how, HLS healthcare together with Guldmann solutions are proud to offer one of the best stand hoist solutions on the market, our stand hoists are designed to work with an absolute minimum of “down time” and to last for many years, with very little need for part replacements or maintenance.

HLS Healthcare is happy to answer all of your questions related to any of the handicap lift products we carry – our purpose is patient and carer safety, which leads to better ways of living. Contact us on 1300 931 893 and let us work with you to develop a patient lifting solution that meets your individual needs. We look forward to hearing from you!