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HLS Healthcare Proudly Introduces MANULET Bed Mobility Aids

MANULET Bed Mobility Aids

How to manage the health of a bed ridden patient is a challenge to many healthcare and nursing professionals. Rotation of patients is known as a daily challenge of the healthcare industry, being both time consuming as well as risk physical injury to both the patient and care provider. Vendlet and HLS healthcare believe that […]

ROPOX Changing Beds Just Got Better

One of the best-known brands in changing bed technology, Ropox recently upgraded their tools to deliver a better quality of care to today’s customers. As of July, the Ropox Vario and Mobilio beds received a design overhaul, intended to provide more comfort and convenience for healthcare patients, aged care residents, and care providers alike. Here’s […]

Mechanic Transfer Systems Improve Workplace Health and Safety

Method and scope of the project The aim of the project was to evaluate the effects of mechanic transfer systems in order to understand when and how best to use them. The project was done in collaboration with four Danish municipalities from January 2016 to March 2018. Data was collected through interviews, questionnaires and time […]

Practical Solutions to Everyday Problems in Hospital Environments

Practical Solutions to Everyday Problems in Hospital Environments

HLS healthcare doesn’t just provide you with equipment supplies, it provides solutions to make your job easier.  The Guldmann Sling and Hoist ranges are specifically designed to provide healthcare professionals with a complete solution. These products are designed to match the current needs of health providers today as well as aligned with the functionality requirements […]

How Can a Nurse Call Systems Benefit an Aged Care Facility?

Nurse Call System Aged Care

Nurse call systems are a crucial within hospitals, care homes, and other aged care facilities. They allow for patients to communicate with their care providers when they need them most. For example when patients are bed-bound or unable to move. Nurse call systems are a early warning system that sends an alert directly to a […]

Everything You Need to Know About Nurse Call Systems in Australia

nurse call system

Nurse call systems Technology plays a crucial part in the aged care environment. Allowing patients can get the high quality of support they need. The rise of technology in aged care is evident. Everything from automatic patient hoisting systems and monitoring tools, to nurse call systems has advanced. Allowing people to call for help when […]

Choosing and Using Bedridden Patient Care Equipment

There are many reasons why a patient may be bedridden. Some people need to stay in bed when they recovery from an injury or surgery. Others may be unable to move by themselves because of an issue with partial or complete paralysis. The right equipment can make repositioning and supporting bedridden patients much easier for […]

Types of Hoists Used in Aged Care

When it comes to moving and handling practices in the nursing home, there are few tools more valuable than the right hoist. A hoist is a mechanical system that makes it easier to lift and move a patient or individual with limited mobility. Hoists work using manual or electronic mechanisms and come with a sling […]

How to Lift Someone Safely and Easily

The moving and handling of vulnerable people is something that takes place frequently in a care environment. Although picking someone up after they trip or helping them to get out of bed might not seem dangerous at first, these simple actions can cause serious injuries when not handled correctly. Improper moving and handling not only […]

Introducing the Vision Table by Ropox

There are plenty of crucial pieces of furniture on the market designed to empower differently-abled people and support them in living a comfortable life. Some of these tools are well-known throughout the health industry, including hoisting systems, accessible bathroom systems, and stepless wheelchair platforms. Thanks to innovations in the technology world, the devices that disabled […]