HLS Healthcare Proudly Introduces MANULET Bed Mobility Aids

MANULET Bed Mobility Aids

How to manage the health of a bedridden patient is a challenge to many healthcare and nursing professionals. Rotation of patients is known as a daily challenge of the healthcare industry, being both times consuming as well as risk physical injury to both the patient and care provider. Vendlet and HLS Healthcare believe that the solution to this problem may be solved in a way that allows patients to help themselves in a dignified way by utilising whatever strength the person still has. Allowing bedridden and handicapped people a feeling of independence by allowing them to move without assistance from others.


As featured in the video above the MANULET Easy Tube can be used in a number of ways to allow for comfort when rotating bedridden patients. Some of the additional product benefits and features include:

  • Reduction of bedsores due to friction when rotating bedridden person by utilising soft cotton jersey on the outside, as well as the unique design of MANULET Easy Tube means it keeps its own shape and does not bunch up under the user and therefore helps preserve tissue integrity.
  • Increased stability for patient rotation as the two layers of material is quilted together to achieve stability of form and optimum function.
  • Multi-use – can be used for many different transfers i.e a transfer higher up in bed, for turning around in bed and for a person getting their legs up onto the bed.

MANULET Turn Table

MANULET Turntable is a simple yet effective design, consists of two round discs with a super smooth inside and skin-friendly padded cotton jersey on the outside, which allows for a simple rotation in a sitting position. Some of the additional product benefits and features include:

  • The two discs are attached to a swivel with velcro. The swivel is specially designed for very low resistance even when exposed to heavy and frequent loads.
  • The swivel can easily be removed for washing.
  • MANULET Turntable is placed under the pelvis of the person in a sitting position.
  • can also be used in combination with other products such as VENDLET, MANULET Easy Tube or MANULET Multi-Grip.
  • Available in two sizes.  


MANULET Multi-Grip

MANULET Multi-Grip can be used for a range of circumstances including moving a paraplegic from a lying to a sitting upright position like in the video featured above, some of the additional product benefits and features include:

  • It can be used to get from a lying to a sitting position and vice versa,
  • sturdy soft foam handles are designed with weak grips in mind and have a diameter of 3 cm, which provides an anatomically correct grip,
  • the unique structure of MANULET Multi-Grip makes the handles very stable,
  • multi Grip is very flexible as it has 11 handles and a total length of 170 cm,
  • a good grip in multiple different positions.

Simply put by Peter, “Transfers where the nursing staff lift, slide or push have a negative impact on both the carer and patient resulting in injury and pain for both parties. For this reason, products are required that are simple to use and easy to understand. The MANULET series consists of four different products that can be used individually or in conjunction with each other. The combination of friction-reducing, good instructions of use and technique will make up for the lack of function of the bedridden person.” If you would like to find out more about integrating MANULET bed mobility aids into your facility, the team at HLS Healthcare is available to speak with you via email.

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