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Earlier this year, HLS Healthcare were engaged by St Catherine’s Hostel, Wangaratta, to be part of their 72-bed aged care refurbishment. During the design phase of the project, St Catherine’s made the distinct decision to pursue state-of-the-art equipment which will not only change the way their staff work, but rapidly improve the efficiency of the care they provide.

The products being installed are:

  • Elsi Smart Floor – non-invasive falls detection system
  • Eurotronik NurseCare – integrated NurseCall system
  • Guldmann Ceiling Lifting Tracks and Hoists

Throughout this #HLSProjectCast series, we will be following various stages of the installation, and documenting the clinical benefits. We will look at how the St Catherine’s executive team intend to use it, and the everyday problems these products will solve.

An innovative project that is already setting a new standard for aged care.

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HLS Project Cast

In April 2019, HLS received a desperate call for help concerning a bariatric Resident living

Quality Standards Assessment

Elsi Smart Floor

Achieve peace of mind like never before with the Elsi Smart Floor Monitoring System fall detection device.

A state-of-the-art intelligent flooring solution, the Elsi Monitoring System is a proven way to reduce falls and improve safety in care environments. Ideal for those in senior care and people with mobility issues, the Elsi system provides security and reliability when you need it most. Various alarms and notifications are available to be activated according to the user’s individual needs on the Elsi User Interface.

The Elsi Smart Floor fall prevention device from HLS Healthcare will ensure that your nurses and doctors can keep track of residents and ensure they’re always in the right place at the right time.

Simply install your new flooring and set up the appropriate notifications and alarms for your care environment. The Elsi User Interface is simple and straightforward, with different criteria for individual residents, nurses, and special time zones. You can relay notifications directly to your Nurse Call system, DECT or Smartphones throughout your organisation.

The NurseCare Nurse Call system we would recommend to use in conjunction with the Elsi Smart Floor System which is also available from HLS Healthcare.

Discover an incredible level of care today with the Elsi Smart Floor Monitoring System. If you would like to discover more about Elsi our team at HLS Healthcare is happy to answer any product related questions you may have.

  • Possible fall notification
  • Out of bed notification
  • Irregular activity notification
  • Out of bed notification
  • Bathroom visit notification
  • Unusual activity alarm
  • Room exit notification
  • Room entered notification
  • Intruder notification
Quality Standards Assessment

Ceiling Hoists

HLS have been proudly supplying and installing Guldmann ceiling hoist systems since 2000. We not only provide care specialists with the equipment needed for non-strenuous, safe patient handling, we also offer complete professional support and training services designed to match your current and projected requirements. Our high-quality products are versatile and practical, tackling all lifting and moving needs.

Guldmann Overhead Tracking Hoists allow people to be moved quickly and most importantly safely for both the patient and carer, they ensure that care providers don’t have to take on dangerous processes to help the individual they’re assisting move.

We choose to supply Guldmann Overhead Tracking Hoists as we believe they are the best in the market. We also can arrange to have your newly installed system inspected annually in accordance with AS/NZS 10535:2011.

When choosing whether to use a overhead tracking hoist, it’s important to understand the benefits and cons associated with the different types of systems that can be installed. Where mobile hoists are bulky and take up storage room, ceiling hoists offer a fixed and more compact solution

St Catherines product selection

Ceiling Hoists

Guldmann GH3

Elsi Smart Floor - Smart Floor Monitoring System

Elsi Smart Floor

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