HLS – Proud Partners of Access Advisr

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to know how accessible a certain venue is before you make the decision to go there? What if there was a database of accessibility information for the most popular destinations, including movie theaters, aquariums, parks, and more? Now, there is.

Thanks to a unique partnership with HLS Healthcare, Access Advisr is bringing current, validated accessibility information to millions of handicapped and mobility-limited people everywhere. The Access Advisr site was created to meet a need within the accessibility market for up-to-date features that are sometimes requirements for certain visitors.

For example: do you want to know if there are wheelchair ramps at a concert venue you are thinking of visiting? Or, do you need to know if the bathrooms there have lowered mirrors for people in wheelchairs? These questions are important, and HLS Healthcare in partnership with Access Advisr is giving disabled and handicapped persons a trusted resource to help plan their trips and outings.

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The Most Accessibility Feature Information for More Locations

In addition to bathroom facilities, other accessibility options that are listed for any specific venue on Access Advisr include:

  • Accessible parking
  • Areas with grab rails
  • Hotel rooms with shower seats or toilet chairs
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Much more!

To view the accessibility features of any given venue, all a user needs to do is visit the Access Advisr website located at http://www.accessadvisr.com.au/, input the name of the venue in question, and simply view the results. What makes the site a great resource for the accessibility community is its user-validated control feature. This means that the users of the site help to keep the information current, resulting in more accurate descriptions of the most popular places people want to visit in Australia.

Another great aspect of the HLS Healthcare/Access Advisr partnership is the shared belief that disabled, elderly, and special-needs people should have equal access to the entertainment and recreational attractions that any one else could enjoy. This philosophy of keeping popular places ‘open’ to as many people as possible promotes a message of inclusion and understanding of everyone’s unique needs as people.

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Use Access Advisr to Plan Trips or Suggest Locations

Trips and visits to new places are made better when you know what you can expect when you get there. This is especially true for individuals who have special needs like wheelchair accessibility, ramps, and lowered washing sinks. Instead of having to call the venue in advance and try to get your question answered, you can simply rely on Access Advisr to find out how accessible a given venue is.

The convenience afforded by the Access Advisr site is only matched by its ease of use. There aren’t any service plans to sign up for, and the site is completely free to use. HLS Healthcare is proud of this unique partnership and is dedicated to its continued growth in the years to come.

If you have any suggestions for venues that should be included on the site, or if there are features you don’t see that you’d like to, contact us and we’ll see about having them added. We want to be in constant communication with our readers, so please feel free to contact us on 1300 931 893.