How to Choose the Best Ceiling Hoist Options for 2018

How to Choose the Best Ceiling Hoist Options for 2018

Ceiling hoists are essential to any healthcare facility and a valuable tool for any business that wishes to welcome people with physical disabilities to use their product or services. So how to you choose to best ceiling hoist solution? To create a full solution, you will need to collaborate a track option and a hoist system, we have summed up three track options and two of our popular hoist systems to help you make the best decision for you home, business or facility.


Track  #1 Room Covering System (‘H’ Track)

A Room Covering System is designed to give maximum flexibility and coverage within the room. It is often even less visible in the room as the rails are located in the corners of the room and the traverse rail can be parked at one end.

The Room covering system provides the possibility of transferring anywhere within the room, including being able to lift from the floor.

covering system How to Choose the Best Ceiling Hoist Options for 2018

Track Option #2 Single Track Systems

A single track system is installed in a fixed location and provides the possibility of transferring simply from point A to Point.

single tracks How to Choose the Best Ceiling Hoist Options for 2018


Track Option #3 Fully Integrated, Multi-room Systems

Fully Integrated Systems are the ultimate in ceiling hoist systems. By using a comprehensive range of components we can provide the opportunity to cover multiple rooms with a single system including traversing doorways, hallways and corridors.

multi room How to Choose the Best Ceiling Hoist Options for 2018


Hoist System 1# GH 1

Many people assume that portable and removable ceiling hoists are the same things – but this isn’t always the case. A removable hoist can be detached from a track without the need for an expert maintenance professional, or complex tools.

  • The GH1 F is a flexible lifting system that is easy to move from one room to another by means of the appertaining transport and storage trolley.
  • It installs and removes itself automatically from the rail system, and thereby eliminates any lifting, stretching or straining by the care staff in the process of moving and installing the lift.
  • With the GH1 F you can decide to install rails in more or all of the rooms and settle with a few lifting modules that in the day-to-day care can easily be moved from one room to another.
  • A removable ceiling hoist could be the perfect option for care homes and nursing environments that cater to different kinds of patients. While a hoist might be necessary for one patient, it may not be for the next, so a removable hoist is ideal when you need to keep the hoist out of the way when caring for someone without mobility issues.


Hoist System 2# GH3 Ceiling Hoist System

The new GH3 system is a modular design concept whose classic yet contemporary appearance makes sure GH3 installations blend perfectly with both new and existing architecture and interior design.  We have lots of different modules available to suit different needs and requirements. The GH3 system is easy to install and straightforward for everyone to use. The GH3 system are;

  • Always ready to use.
  • Designed right from the outset for heavy-duty use under the special kinds of tough conditions encountered in professional care environments.
  • The GH3 system features lifting modules that are capable of lifting as much as 350 kg with one lifting strap and 500 kg with two lifting straps,
  • The batteries in the GH3 lifting modules are recharged continuously, regardless of where in the system the module is located at any particular time.
  • GH3 lifting modules are fitted with quick-release mechanisms for easily and rapidly disconnecting the lifting module from the rail and the lifting hanger from the lifting strap.

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