How to Constantly Monitor Seniors without Compromising on Privacy

How to Constantly Monitor Seniors with Compromising on Privacy

People with mobility issues, seniors with poor eyesight and those with conditions like Alzheimer’s and Dementia need a high level of constant care and support. For these people, getting out of bed at night, or moving around a room during the day, can be a complicated process with a high risk of falls and injury. That’s why many of these individuals move into full-time care facilities, where they can get the constant attention and support that they deserve.

However, even in a healthcare facility like a rehabilitation center, hospital, or aged care environment, it’s impossible for care providers to be available and ready to watch over their residents at all times. Most senior care facilities cater for dozens of people at once.

So, how do you provide consistent care for the people who need it most?

Some groups, including the South Australian government, are beginning to experiment with somewhat extreme ideas, like CCTV monitoring within the care home.

Do We Need CCTV for Care Homes?

The idea of having CCTV in a care facility might seem like a good one at first. After all, if nurses have the option to watch their patients at all times they can make sure that someone is available to respond to a potential fall or injury instantly. However, having this kind of constant monitoring in place is problematic, because it means that seniors have to give up their privacy if they want to achieve a higher level of care.

Living in an aged care facility shouldn’t feel any different to living at home. Residents who are constantly under scrutiny from their care providers may feel uncomfortable and won’t have the level of privacy that they should be able to expect from their day-to-day lives.

Fortunately, there are alternative solutions available which allow care providers to monitor their residents, without putting their privacy at risk. For instance, the Elsi Smart Floor fall detection device is an intelligent under-floor smart detection system that can automatically detect when someone is moving around in a room. Elsi can track the movements of residents, send fall detection alerts directly to care providers when people are at risk of injury and more.

There are no cameras recording patient movements with the Elsi smart floor, just an intelligent system that keeps nurses and care providers aware of what’s going on in the bedroom of each resident, for safety and security purposes.

Next Level Care without the Risk

The Elsi smart floor is an intelligent way for healthcare facilities to achieve peace of mind like never before. This state of the art intelligent flooring solution offers a one-of-a-kind way to reduce falls, diagnose health issues and allow for consistent monitoring in a healthcare environment. The Elsi Smart floor helps nurses to ensure that they’re in the right place at the right time when a patient suffers from an unexpected fall or gets out of bed when they may not in a condition to be wandering around.

Features include:

  • Possible fall notification
  • Out of bed alert
  • Irregular activity notification
  • Bathroom visit notification
  • Unusual behaviour alarm
  • Room entered and exited notification
  • Intruder notifications

Doctors and healthcare providers can keep track of patients and make sure they’re always in the right place to help when an injury could be possible. What’s more, unlike a CCTV or camera system, the Elsi smart floor blends naturally into its surroundings. It feels and looks just like a normal floor, so patients feel comfortable and at home in any space.

Solutions like the Elsi Smart Floor allow doctors and nurses to monitor their patients and care facility residents without relying on things like cameras or wearable monitoring devices that a patient may easily remove. The Elsi Smart floor also comes with the option to implement a DECT nurse call system and smartphone solution, so that your care providers are instantly alerted when a resident needs their help.

Get Started with the Elsi Smart Floor

The Elsi Smart Floor system is one of the easiest and most reliable ways for healthcare providers to give their residents the care and consistent attention that they need, without compromising on privacy. All you need to do is install your new flooring under your regular floors and set up the notifications and alarms that are suitable for your care environment.

To learn more about the Elsi Smart Floor system, contact HLS Healthcare today.