Introducing the Elsi Smart Floor: The New Way to Monitor Residents

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A residents’ condition can quickly deteriorate in a healthcare or seniors support environment. That’s why it’s so important for nurses and specialists to keep a close eye on their residents. Unfortunately, when a healthcare team has dozens of residents to look after at once, it’s difficult to find the time to give each one the same level of support and constant supervision that they need.

The Elsi Smart Floor system could be the easiest way to give nurses and care providers some control over their schedule, by allowing them to deliver excellent support, without burning out. The Elsi Smart Floor is an intelligent sensor-based system designed for hospitals, rehabilitation centers, care homes, and other medical facilities. The floor takes some of the work of monitoring residents off a nurse’s shoulders so that your healthcare professionals can use their time more effectively.

Here’s what you need to know about this innovative new tool.

Reliable and Safe Technology

The Elsi Smart Floor is an invisible sensor-based tool that blends in with your location’s décor, making sure that your healthcare facility can create the right atmosphere for your residents, without compromising on next-level care. Although it blends into your environment, the Elsi floor has the power to transform the way that your whole team works, by giving your nurses access to instant information about what’s going on in a resident’s room.

Using built-in touchpads, the floor can track motion in a space by sensing the capacitive effect of motion on the floor. For instance, if someone gets out of bed when they’re supposed to be resting, a nurse can see the motion on their monitor, and go and check why the individual is out of bed. Rather than forcing nurses to try and be everywhere at once, the Elsi floor allows specialists to monitor motion remotely, so that team members can be at the right place at the right time.

Today’s healthcare facilities can even set up specific alerts and notifications within the Elsi UI according to specific criteria. For instance, you can set:

  • Fall alarms
  • Bed alarms (with or without automatic light control
  • Toilet alarms (with or without timer)
  • Entrance/Exit alarm (on multiple doors)
  • Burglar alarms

The Easiest Way to Transform your Facility

As one of the most innovative new tools on the market for resident monitoring, the Elsi smart floor is transforming healthcare facilities across the globe. However, though it offers innovative results, Elsi is still highly accessible and easy to use.

The fact that you can place your Elsi technology underneath your existing flooring also means that you’re less likely to damage the tech, so your investment lasts longer!

If you’re ready to see how state-of-the-art technology can change the way you monitor your residents at your hospital or aged care facility, contact the HLS Healthcare team today!

We’ll introduce you to the incredible benefits of the Elsi Smart Floor.