Introducing the Vision Table by ROPOX

Wheelchair Accessible Workstations

There are plenty of crucial pieces of furniture on the market designed to empower differently-abled people and support them in living a comfortable life. Some of these tools are well-known throughout the health industry, including hoisting systems, accessible bathroom systems, and stepless wheelchair platforms. Thanks to innovations in the technology world, the devices that disabled and elderly people can use to maintain their independence or accomplish daily tasks are evolving. One of the most exciting new products we’ve partnered with recently at HLS Healthcare is a device called the “Vision Table,” by pioneering brand, ROPOX.

A Better Quality of Care with the Vision Table

The vision table, available either in “manual” or “electric” configuration is a unique piece of furniture, designed to support people of all abilities and backgrounds. Whatever you’re looking for in a table – from comfort and convenience to an array of worktop sizes, ROPOX has something to suit you. Their Vision Table portfolio comes with a wide variety of adjustment options, models, and designs to choose from. No matter your physical capabilities or height, you won’t have to give up on the hobbies you love or compromise on productivity with the Vision Table.

The Vision Table allows you to tilt and adjust its surface, to bring documents closer to you. Whether you’re sketching or filling out important paperwork, you’ll be able to keep your materials in place with the help of the MagRule magnet too.

To adjust the height of your Vision Table, just touch the control switch on the electrical models, or use the simple handle mechanism on the manual table. This innovative furniture even comes with arm supports to release the pressure on your forearms, and ensure a comfortable, balanced posture.

Who Can Benefit from the Vision Table?

Designed for adults and children alike, the Vision Table is a highly customisable and reliable piece of furniture. There are no crossbars underneath the tabletop, which leaves plenty of room for wheelchair users who want to sit close to their documents or papers. What’s more, if you choose the electric Vision Table, you can rest assured that you’re protected from any accidents, like trapped fingers. The tabletop automatically stops moving whenever it meets any resistance.

Benefits of the Vision Table include:

  • A magnetic ruler (The MagRule) keeps your documents in place while you’re working on them.
  • Automatic stop protects you from any trapped fingers when using the electric table.
  • Multiple sizes and designs ensure that you can find a Vision Table that’s right for your needs. Whether you’re looking for something for the living room, the office, or an at-home school, you’ll find the option that’s right for you.
  • Lack of crossbars under the table means that wheelchair users can sit comfortably at their desks.
  • The Vision Table tilts up to 71 degrees – making it perfect for elderly, disabled and weak-sighted people who need to get close to the table surface.

There are even handy fixed points on your Vision Table where you can store pens, paperclips, and anything else you might need.

Whether you choose a manual or electric Vision Table, you’ll have a piece of furniture that supports productivity and freedom, no matter what your physical abilities might be.

Interested in finding out more about ROPOX wheelchair accessible workstations? Contact HLS Healthcare today!