Leading Elderly Living Architect Revealed

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Leading design firm for Australia, Thomson Adsett has recently earned the accolade of being the number one architect in the world for Elderly Living solutions. 

Building Design featured Thomson Adsett as the leading provider of aged care living solutions in their World Architect 100 survey. This document offers an insight into more than 1,400 practices around the globe and highlights their position when it comes to offering innovative tools and living solutions. Thomson Adsett was named as “one to watch” for its exceptional approach to supporting aged individuals in the current marketplace. 

The company, lead by David Lane and Chris Straw, aims to prove that nursing homes and villages don’t need to be boring and old-fashioned. 

Changing the Image of Senior Facilities

Thomson Adsett has delivered some truly incredible creations to the senior living environment lately. One of the company’s latest projects, the Streeton Park retirement village, is an 85-unit development worth $40 million. This creation was designed to be a social space that’s highly accessible to the people in Australia that struggle with mobility. The fittings and artworks throughout the facility have been carefully chosen to appeal to the art-loving people who will reside within its walls. 

Thomson Adsett stands out as an architect for aged care solutions because they focus on shaking off the institutional approach that most companies take to senior living facilities. The design for the Elizabeth Jenkins Place location in Sydney is one of the latest exciting additions to the company’s portfolio. The location features seven houses, each with 18 residents, located around a central hub. The central space has catering areas and offices, as well as a communal area where residents can engage with each other and remain active. It also provides a location for families and staff to interact too. 

Staying ahead of the Curve

The leading design award for Thomson Adsett is a great insight into the company’s continued dedication to being an industry pioneer. The company was also the first company in the Southern Hemisphere to introduce the benefits of the Elsi smart floor system to residents. This pioneering flooring system uses sensor technology to detect falls and potentially prevent other issues for senior care residents. 

The Elsi Smart Floor is a proven strategy for reducing floors and contributing to better care and wellbeing for the people who use it. Today, Thomson Adsett has delivered no less than 2,000 projects dedicated to seniors around the world.