Lifting Tracks that cover the whole bedroom – surprising functionality

HLS Healthcare - Guldmann H-Track and Ceiling Hoist

HLS Healthcare commonly get requests to quote for urgent Ceiling Hoist installations within the Aged Care sector; often a reaction to a complex clinical scenario the facility is desperately trying to manage.

Recently, a registered nurse explained to HLS she had a resident returning to the facility after a lengthy hospital admission. The gentleman had recently fallen in his bedroom and acquired a NOF fracture, and after becoming bed-bound he was also facing the all-too-common scenario of new pressure injuries to both heels.

The facility investigated the idea of having an initial ceiling hoist system installed. The intention of the equipment was to improve the staff’s ability to transfer the resident in and out of bed. Also, to allow the use a repositioning sling to assist in his new pressure care regime. Naturally, the registered nurse had assumed they would only need to implement a straight track that ran above the middle of his bed. However, upon further consideration, she elected to have an H-track installed. Why? The H-track system was able to provide coverage around the entire bedroom. The H-Track provides staff with the additional capability of being able to move the ceiling hoist down to the end of the bed and use a leg lifting sling when re-dressing the heel wounds.

Following his re-admission back into the facility, the resident was still faced with more time in bed whilst healing from his injuries. The physio staff were able to creatively utilise the ceiling hoist to aid in some bed exercises to help develop his strength.

Eventually, the NOF fracture and wounds had healed, and physio staff devised a plan to re-introduce him to ambulation. Understandably, the resident was quite nervous after being bed-bound for so long; he also experienced anxiety around the thought of falling again. Further extending the value of the ceiling hoist, a gait training sling was used to assist in his early mobilisation program – all within the comfort of his bedroom. After using this sling, the resident regained his standing and walking confidence, resulting in a quicker and more effective rehabilitation.

This was a light-bulb moment to the facility. Staff realised they would also be able to use the ceiling hoist to pick the resident up from a fall if it ever happened in the future – a ceiling hoist can access tight areas of the bedroom where a floor hoist cannot reach.

On the back of a successful installation, the facility is now considering the retrofit of additional ceiling hoist systems. After experiencing the broad range of functions it provided first hand (including the surprise of utilising it for rehabilitation) they were relieved and surprised with the increase in safety for both the staff and resident. It also contributed significantly to ‘time saved’ for staff to complete notoriously time consuming tasks.

After this experience, nursing staff and facility management alike have learnt the great value and flexibility a ceiling hoist can offer the care process in a multitude of complex clinical tasks.

Post by Luke Gartner –