Manual Handling and ‘Best Practice’

When it comes to Manual Handling, does “Best Practice” simply mean more staff to ease the load?  Not necessarily.

In a world of increased bariatric presence in our Hospitals and Aged Care facilities, we have to work smarter not harder, particularly as securing funding for extra staff is a perpetual conundrum.

The Vendlet Bed Turning System allows one-on-one care for bariatric patients up to 400kg.  The Vendlet takes away the need for 3-4 staff required to push and pull. Instead, the simple press of a controller repositions the patient.

Once the patient has been safely repositioned or turned with the Vendlet, a caregiver is able to perform the required task. These include personal hygiene tasks in addition to applying a sling or preventive measures to minimise pressure injuries.  Vendlet is designed to help protect the spines and shoulders of carers, whilst helping save a facility unwarranted staff labour costs and, potentially, work injury claims.

A study of the Long-Term Effectiveness of “Zero-Lift Programs” in seven nursing homes and one hospital by the University of Wisconsin (Milwaukee, USA) yielded some substantial findings in relation to preventing injury.  It was deemed the most effective way to significantly reduce care-giver injury was to introduce a zero-lift approach.  The more care-givers you introduce to a problematic care situation does not necessarily reduce the risk of injury.

The Vendlet Bed Turning System, together with Guldmann Hoist Lifting Equipment, is the gold standard in assistive technology for the bedridden patient.

HLS Healthcare is proud to be Australia’s first and most recognised leader in this important field of caring for bedridden patients. Proper clinical know-how, best practise experience and the correct products are the key to health and safety for all.

The Vendlet is leading the industry in “shifting not lifting” manual handling tasks.

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Article contributed by Adrian Tota, HLS Healthcare Clinical Vendlet Specialist.